Stop Doing These 10 Things To Live A Happy Life

“You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don’t let other make you forget that”.

The whole world is seeking happiness and it is one of the utmost important things in life. Following are some important things you must undeniably avoid if you also are looking for happiness.

Stop doing following things to live happ life

Comparing to others

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self”.

Never compare yourself with others . If you do a comparison you will stay hooked on the development of another person and you are putting back your own personal growth.

So, stop comparing and start focusing on yourself. the only person you can be enhanced than is the person you were yesterday.


Always approving

“Its only by saying “no” that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

Learn to say no. As it is one of the most powerful and freeing thing that you can acquire in your lifetime. Hardly do persons say no to somebody if they don’t have a justification.

Stop doing following things to live happy life


Always eyeing on the glass half unfilled is awful method to go about life. By focusing on the negatives you can only attract the negatives in your life and you are disregarding how blessed you are in other facets.

Focus on positive and attract the positives around you. And realize how fortunate you are.

Over criticizing yourself

Applying your time on fault-finding in worthless parts about yourself is not a virtuous way to inspire yourself to be better. Think positively, keep your mind open and focus on enlightening yourself rather than disliking on yourself.

Listen to the good person advice not to the criticism of selfish people. Some may blame you to hide their mistake, some may use your weakness to push you down, etc. Always believe in you and move forward. Never become a puppet of selfish people.


Being judgemental

Why judge someone else? You don’t know anything about other people’s lives or what they have been through. There’s no reason to hold someone to a “standard” you created in your mind when you know you have gone against that standard at some point in your life.

Dating with wrong person

Too many people get complacent and comfortable in their relationships and see no reason to end them, even though their partners aren’t making them happy.

Taking on more than you can handle

Stress is the quickest way to lose sight of whats important in life. By managing your tasks in the right waym you have a greater chance of avoiding this stress.

Overdoing stuff

Drinking, eating, using drug etc. you name it. People overindulge all the time and then they wonder why they aren’t happy. Moderation is key and sooner it’s realized, the better off you will be.



Thers is no reason to butt yourself in someone else’s business as you would be pretty pissed off if someone did the same to you. Don’t involve yourself in things that are irrelevant to your own life. Instead, focus o yourself and how to improve your own life.

Seeking approval from others

The problem with being human is that we always want to be liked by everyone around us. But that is obviously not possible. So let go of this tendancy and be happy with the person you are.


“Gossips are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

Gossip will divert you from concentrating on yourself and your own personal requirements and it gives you only stress. Why you caring on whats going on in somebody’s life when it has no course on your welfare.


The main goal of everyone’s life are happiness and to get it, focus on your goal and on your development. We can do that only when we elude these things as much as possible.

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