Your Positivity Thoughts Do Miracle In Your Life-Inspiring Story

This is a real story – Positivity Thoughts Do Miracle In Your Life

In Singapore, a 45-year-old woman went to the doctor to check her breathing problem in the hospital. The doctor diagnosed her and declared with a sad tone, “Madam, I am very sorry. You have heart cancer in the last stage.”

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Your Positivity Thoughts Do Miracle In Your Life-Inspiring Story

The woman smiled and said, “how long I will be survived?”

The doctor hesitated and said, “Madam I am afraid, you wouldn’t survive more than six months.”

“O, thank God!” the woman heaved a sigh of relief, and said with the grin. “At least I have six months to enjoy my life.”

She paid the fee to the doctor and left the hospital in a hurry.

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The doctor was dumbfounded with an unexpected response from the woman.

After six months, the woman met the same doctor once again to check her up.

When the doctor re-examined the woman, he was astonished to find that the woman who was in her last stage of heart cancer six months ago, was perfectly all right, there was no sign of any cancer.

“Madam, ‘ the doctor said with implausible tone. ‘It is a miracle… it is a miracle…madam, you are perfectly all right.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” “the woman said with contentment smile.


Later, the doctor asked the woman how she had done that miracle to herself.

The woman narrated that she was positive about her life. She started loving herself more than what she had never loved herself ever before. She knew that she would survive even she was suffering from that terrible disease. She woke up early in the morning with a happy mood, with new hope, and with new positive thoughts every day.

She starts singing her favorite songs; she started watching her favorite movies; she started playing her favorite game and sports; she started doing meditation, yoga, and physical exercises; she started engaging herself in social activities; she hung out in her favorite places with her close friends and relatives;

Like this, she started living her life to the fullest; and enjoyed every moment with fun and feast. And then eventually that miracle has happened to her.

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