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Welcome to Name-fame about page. First let me introduce myself.

I am Suresh babu

Graduated MBA. I am an internet addict, very fond of reading quotes and fascinated in discussing and writing on the topic of Motivation and Success. By seeing my interest one of my colleague suggested me to start a blog and discuss with the world. As a result, I started this site in 2011. After starting this site I was solicitous where to start, at that moment I got an idea. But friends before that let me share few more things.

Here I am penning my own experience, view and thought allied to motivation and success stories around the world. In my view everyone is intelligent in this world but it depends how they use it.

Goal of Name-fame

Name-fame main task is to motivate people by sharing the real life challenging stories, power of self-confidence, motivation, positive thinking, success stories, Inspiring motivational stories etc.

Our desire is that people visiting this site should feel full of energy and positive thought with their goals.

Thanks indeed for visiting my site. I hope and wish that you have a great experience through my writings. Though, if you find any error or deceptive content, you are most welcome to inform us and share your suggestions, if any, it will be very helpful for me to enhance them further.

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