How To Keep Your Heats Of Hope Alive Constantly

Never lose your hope even if you have nothing left to you. Always keep the energies of your hope alive. 

YOUR HOPE KEEPS YOU SHINE IN THE DARK NIGHT OF LIFE. It gives you a new start. It gives you new strength. A life without hope is meaningless. If there is hope, there is life; and where there is no hope, there is no life. Never lose your hope no matter how much the tough circumstances knock in your life.

Story on Hope

“We need to keep hope alive and strive todo better”.


Once upon a time, a merchant went for a business tour through sea route. He was successfully completed with his business dealing with distant merchants. He was very happy and contented.

He was returning on the same sea route. However, in the middle of his journey , the ship was hit by the thunderstorms and drowned. All the in speed boarded passengers and the crew members including the captain died.

Luckily, the poor merchant was survived. When he woke up, he found himself in the strange island. There was no human soul in the strange island. He was the only human soul.

But he didn’t lose his hope. He stayed there and tried to find out to survive on that island. Every day he woke up early in the morning waiting for any ship passing by from that island. But there was none.


He had to spend many years all alone in that strange island.

Then one day, he made a small craft and started his own sea voyage to his homeland. However, in the middle of his journey, he met the same fate. The thunderstorms hit his small craft. He knew that he wouldn’t survive from that terrible thunderstorms.

But when he woke up he found himself inside the big ship which was sailing to his homeland.

So remember, Never lose hope, Your hope keeps you shine in the dark night of life.  

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