Beware Of Negative Things And Thoughts To Live Happiest Life

Negative things are like wild weeds which dress out all the fruitfulness of the soil. If any negative things or thoughts sprouted in you, then dirt-free it as soon as possible, or else, it will ruin your life completely. Negative things are your biggest enemy so never allow it into your life. It will not only blemish you but also destroy you wholly.

Beware Of Negative Things And Thoughts To Live Happiest Life

When you let any negative things or thoughts to dwell within you, then it will become very hard for you to get purge of it. Always be careful of the negative things. As negative things eternally create interference on the way of your success.


You know what happens if you let negative thought or things in you?

Negative things make you weak. 

Negative things make you coward. 

Negative things make everything difficult for you. 

Even it will transform you like a lame. 

You can’t move and you can’t walk.

Negative things never allow you to do anything in your life. It will always misguide you. And it will push you into the deep gorge from where nobody could pull you back.


Once upon a time, a wise man was living in a village. He had a happy and prosperous family. His wisdom was spreading in far and wide. Many people flocked from distant lands to gain wisdom.


In the same village, there are many families were living. They didn’t like the intelligence of a wise man. They were always against him. But they couldn’t succeed.

Then they tried to plan to flaw the blissful and prosperous family of a wise man. They started spreading the rumours that the wise had a bad relationship with his family. The wise man and his family had quarrels amongst themselves every day. He was no more a wise man. He had lost his mind.

Within a few days, the false rumours were spreading like a wildfire. When the wise man heard them for the first time, he was not surprised but burst with laughing.

But when he returned home, his wife and his children were quarreling amongst themselves. He asked his wife and his children the reason for their quarrels. Then his wife and his children told him that they had heard the same rumors.


The wise man knew the negative impact of the false rumours. He laughed and said that never believe such rumours which spoil the dignity of your family.

He further told them that until and unless you wouldn’t know the reality, never goes to the conclusion. Rumours are the result of negative thoughts.


Negative things are your biggest enemy. Beware of it.

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