Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Seek Revenge?

It’s not a good idea to seek revenge. why? you can feel the temptation to harm or betray someone back when they have hurt or betrayed you but trust us when we say it is never a smart idea.

Why seeking revenge is a bad idea?

It achieves the opposite of offering closure, according to Carlsmith: It keeps the wound open and unhealed.

He says we can minimize the incident if we don’t exact revenge. We are able to convince ourselves that it wasn’t the end of the world after all because we refrained from going insane and chopping off our boyfriend’s bodily parts. Moving on is made simpler in this manner.

The decision?

Retaliation should never be taken. Only you are harmed. Men, please be on your best behavior because love, hate, or hurt may drive any woman insane.

Why seeking revenge is bad idea?

These are seven reasons why it’s not a good idea to exact revenge:

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It won’t improve how you feel.

Shakespeare is credited as saying, “If you pierce us, do we not bleed? Do we not giggle when you tease us? Do we not perish if you poison us? And if you mistreat us, won’t we want retribution? It could seem logical—even inevitable—to seek revenge. You might imagine that it will also bring about significant pain relief or some type of satisfaction.

Regrettably, research demonstrates that those who seek vengeance rather than forgiving or letting go tend to feel worse over time. You would be much better off focusing your attention on making positive life changes.

In actuality, it might worsen your feelings.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you consider yourself to be a decent human being, hurting or upsetting someone else—regardless of whether you believe they deserve it or not—might not make you happy. In fact, it might make you feel worse because negative emotions like guilt, anger, and regret tend to stay and weigh heavily on your conscience.

Even though you might feel deceived or upset right now, you will ultimately be able to move past those emotions. Nevertheless, if you carry guilt on your conscience, you are more likely to ruminate about your actions, which makes moving on much more difficult and merely delays your life.

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It Could fire back.

“An eye for an eye only results in making the whole world blind,” Gandhi once observed. Consider the effects of your actions; if you seek retribution, you might get in trouble with a teacher or parent. In fact, you might endanger yourself.

What is there actually to gain? It is much preferable to protect yourself from potential future trauma. Put the person who wronged you firmly in the past and concentrate on the positive aspects of your life while you consider how to move ahead.

You are Losing Valuable Time.

Not to seem corny, but life is too short! Do you really want to give someone who doesn’t deserve it your valuable time? Instead of being like Mr. Burns and strategizing, planning, and concentrating your attention on the negative, consider all the enjoyable things you could be doing.

If you are focused on causing trouble, how can you make room for new, rewarding experiences?

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Due to Karma.

Whether you believe in it or not, karma is more helpful than harmful, so make sure to stay on its good side:


Fact. Getting even with the individual who wronged you won’t make their behaviors stop. Hence, act morally and with greater integrity; in the long term, you will be happy that you did.

You may catch in an Unending revenge loop.

You decide to exact revenge on the offender. The cycle then continues as they avenge your vengeance. Avoid becoming locked in a loop; doing so will only make your agony and suffering worse. Make an effort to put negativity and those who make you feel bad in the past. Your time and effort are not worth it for them.

So, is retaliation worthwhile? No. Never.

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