How to Complete Your Mental Diet: Mental Diet for Manifestation

MENTAL DIET – We require sustenance constantly to survive as living things. The most obvious example is food; even though we may fast occasionally, eventually we will need energy to thrive. We therefore cannot quit eating, regardless of how healthy we may be. However, we can alter our diet, or what we eat, and this is what truly makes a difference. Refusing to entertain any thoughts that conflict with your goal is the goal. The greatest problem that most individuals face when trying to use the Law of Vibration for manifestation is that they are unable to keep their attention on their ideal situation for long enough for it to develop in their reality.

When you contrast that with your own mind, you’ll see that the two are essentially equivalent in that, despite the fact that we cannot stop thinking, we can change our thoughts.


A meditative state cannot persist indefinitely, just as fasting cannot. You can achieve a brief period of “no-mind” via effort, but that’s about it.

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Actually, choosing the ideas, thoughts, and images that will help you achieve your goals is what the mental diet is all about since you must experience them in your mind anyway.

“What a man is will attract. The art of living is to hold onto the sensation of having your wish come true and to allow things to come to you rather than chasing after or assuming they are eluding you. – Neville Goddard

What is a “mental diet”?

When you begin a new diet, you typically stick to a specific number of calories, carbs, and fats per day, as well as sometimes a certain number of meals per day.

The most crucial thing is that you’ll know more or less exactly which meals and nutrients you should eat as well as which ones you should completely leave out of your diet.

The same rules apply to a mental diet; all you need to know is what ideas, sentiments, and emotions you should and shouldn’t consider. then follow through with the “diet” plan.


1.As often as you can (daily, ideally many times each day), picture and “feel” mental images that stand in for or signify the accomplishment of your key goals.

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2.All negative and unhelpful thoughts, images, assumptions, emotions, and feelings should be completely disregarded (though sometimes a negative emotion, like anger, can be helpful if turned into motivation).

3.Positive and uplifting thoughts in general should be given energy/attention, even if they have nothing to do with a specific goal.

The skill of selecting thoughts

Make no mistake: starting a mental diet is not an easy task. The trick is to follow the diet and maintain discipline until it becomes a habit, just like with anything else in life.

This is the crucial difference. Simply put, most individuals give up too quickly. Avoid making the same error. Pick the healthiest diet for your mind, and then follow it religiously.

A skeptic and disagreeing part of you will always exist. Neglect it. Similarly, dismiss any unfavorable or negative thoughts that arise.

You don’t have to struggle against them or try to eliminate all negative thoughts from your life (is that even possible?). You simply want to disregard what doesn’t matter and concentrate on what does.

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Manifestation and a mental diet

Simply choosing your thoughts over and over again will help you improve your mood and mental health. As a result, you will feel happier all the time.

But here’s where it gets interesting: the mental diet can actually enable what Neville Goddard refers to as the law of assumption if it is applied consistently and with a specific objective in mind.

Which basically means that if you consistently and persistently act as though a certain goal or dream has already been realized, eventually the physical world will have to catch up to that feeling.

Simply ask yourself how you would feel if you had already attained a particular goal, such as better health or financial standing, and then adopt that feeling as frequently as you can.

Neville Goddard recently remarked that, in his opinion, it is preferable to focus on just one image—one that represents the accomplishment of your goal—and to repeat that image over and over in your head.

The physical universe will eventually “surrender” and allow you to have what you “assume”. There won’t be any miracles, but you could realize that your life is altering in ways that you never would have imagined.

The seven or twenty-one-day manifestation diet

Okay, now for the test: can you recognize and select the best thoughts and feelings, then maintain that state for at least three weeks straight?

As I mentioned, you can use this to fulfill a specific big dream you have or just to lift your mood generally.

Although all you have to do is think, I refer to it as a challenge because it calls for perseverance, willpower, and faith.

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Why 21 days? Will it work if I do it for 7 days?

really no reason. According to science, there isn’t really a time limit or threshold after which a routine—including meditation—becomes a habit.

It doesn’t feel like a big commitment, but 21 days is definitely long enough to quiet the logical mind and bring your dreams closer to how you see normalcy.

21 days might not be sufficient, depending on what you’d like to “manifest” or accomplish. Or, you might decide that 7 days is more than enough and wonder how it could have happened so quickly.

So, obviously, don’t be too rigid about the 21-day thing; be aware that it might take some time to see changes or, worse, to even change the way you think.

But it’s good to know that the mental diet only needs to be followed for around 21 days.

Psychologically, it seems to be much simpler than performing it with no deadline. Furthermore, sticking to it is simpler.

The best thing, though? After those 21 days, you won’t go back, even if you don’t actually achieve the desired result, whether it’s a mental state or a physical manifestation.

Because you will have discovered that you do have control over your ideas, that you can choose your thoughts, and that if you can choose your thoughts, why would you select negative ones?

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The human brain is an amazing organ. It’s a priceless gift, but we frequently ignore it. Even worse, rather than encouraging ideas and sensations, we can utilize it to experience negative, needless ones.

In order to actively choose what to focus on and what to ignore in order to live the greatest life possible, the mental diet is a terrific exercise to help you rewire your brain.

Everything begins in the mind. spiritually and in terms of psychology. Working on the inner world is the foundation of manifestation, which enables you to have some pretty awesome experiences in the outside world.

So, why are you still waiting? Determine your own personal mental diet… Give yourself a deadline… Have trust and be patient. then take note of how the world, namely your world, changes.

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