The Importance Of Positive Self-Image – Being Kind To Yourself

Use your talents, small or big. You can uncover your talents only by exploiting them, and develop your talents only by utilizing them. Only you can see your talents. When you are able to see the talents. When you are able to see the talents in yourself, you are already on the way to success. You have now succeeded in discovering the talents hidden in you. You are capable of self-discovery, so discovering the success is not as hardest as the discovery of yourself.

Here is a parable of the pencil that will help you to put all these things in perspective.


The Importance Positive Self-Image - Being Kind To Yourself

In the initiation, the pencil creator spoke to the pencil telling that, “there are five important messages you must understand afore I direct you out into the world. Eternally evoke them and you will become the greatest pencil you can be.”


  • You will be skilled to do lots of wonderful things, but only if you let yourself to be held in somebody’s hand.
  • You will experience a hurting sharpening from period to period, however this is necessary if you want to become a best pencil.
  • You have capability to correct every error you may make.
  • The utmost essential part of you will eternally be what’s inside.
  • It doesn’t matter what the situation is, you must endure to write. You should permanently leave a pure, readable spot no matter how tough the condition.

The pencil realized, assuring to remember, and moved into the box completely considerate its maker’s purposefulness.

Now replace the pencil with yourself; always remember the five points made by the maker of the pencil, and you will become the best person you can be.


  • You will be capable to do numerous wonderful things, however simply if you let yourself to be held in God’s hand, and let other human beings to access you for lots of gifts you own.
  • You will experience an aching sharpening from stage to stage, by working across different problems, but you will essential this to develop into a stronger person.
  • You will be capable to correct blunders you may make and develop over them.
  • The greatest significant part of you will permanently be what’s on the internal.
  • On each surface you walk, you should leave your sign. It doesn’t matter what the condition, you must endure to serve god in all.

And certainly not ignore that everyone is like a pencil…formed by the maker for a unique and superior purposefulness.

Understanding and remembering these, proceed with your life on this earth, having a meaningful purpose in your heart and a daily relationship with God.

Go forth in the joy of the creator, knowing how blessed you are. Celebrate the beauty of nature around you. Celebrate the goodness of fellowship with others. Celebrate the opportunity to grow and learn and take up the challenge of each new day. Most of all: celebrate your life. How blessed you are!

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