Important Techniques for Increasing Positive Vibration When Depressed

How to Increase Positive Vibration When Depressed? Before we continue, I want to make clear that getting help is vitally essential if you have depression, whether it be mild, moderate, or severe. It’s not humiliating. You are not weaker because of it. If anything, it demonstrates your strength in using the tools at your disposal, like treatment. Avoid attempting to manage depression by yourself. Things you can do to enhance your psychological well-being.

When you’re depressed, can you raise your vibration?

Simply put, absolutely! No matter where you are in life, you have the ability to raise your vibration, and depression in and of itself does not hinder you from doing so.

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Additionally, depression, like any other mental health condition, can actually facilitate raising positive vibration for you. Although it seems illogical, take into account the following:

Since depression is an unnatural state of mind, all that is necessary to do is shift toward a more “normal” state. Depression forces you to learn more about your own mind, which will prove to be a valuable skill later in life. Being at your lowest point can actually motivate you to take action toward better mental health. Developing the will to overcome despair is a feat in and of itself because “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Let’s see more about increasing positive vibration.

How to raise your Positive vibration when depressed

Ask for assistance

Take a brief minute to ignore the remaining items on the list. The most crucial thing to remember is this, especially if you have mild to severe depression.

Reading articles like this one demonstrates your commitment to enhancing your mental well-being, which is fantastic. But just avoid attempting to go it alone. You certainly could, but you shouldn’t.

Did you know that treatment, in particular contemporary CBT, is just as successful as or even superior than medication? All you have to do is request assistance. Also, try a different therapist if you don’t feel comfortable with your current one.

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Do not believe your mind.

There are essentially two categories of depression. The first type is when your mind reacts in some way, telling you that you need to make a change in your life (in which case, your mind is correct).

The second kind is a mental “mistake” of some sort. In other words, when your mind becomes trapped in a negative thought cycle or an emotional black hole, it produces additional negative thoughts as a response.

Being consciously aware of the fact that your mind isn’t always right is the fourth advice to help you raise your vibration when you’re depressed, which is why non-identification is an important ability.

Emphasize the opposition

The Kybalion, one of the key works of Hermetican philosophy, offers the following advice: don’t battle depression; instead, concentrate on the opposite state. Ignore your unpleasant emotions rather than fighting them.

If you are overcome by Fear, don’t waste your time attempting to “kill out” Fear; instead, work on developing the virtue of Courage, and the Fear will vanish.

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Concentrate on the Positive side of a Negative quality to eliminate it, and eventually you will become polarized on the Positive side rather than the Negative.

Avoid identifying

Don’t let your unfavorable thoughts and/or feelings define you, to put it another way. They are not you, not even a part of you, so keep that in mind.

One benefit of regular meditation is that it teaches you to view your mind as a separate thing as opposed to who you are.

You can then confront, dismiss, or let go of your thoughts when you don’t identify with your depressed condition. Be above your own despair, in other words.

Aim higher

Then, you might wonder, “How do I focus on happiness, joy, etc. if I am depressed”? True, depression makes it more difficult to pay attention to constructive things, but there is a trick.

A decade or so ago, when I was dealing with serious depression, this was the only thing that kept me going. It is incredibly effective, takes effect instantaneously, and is completely free.

The key is to let your imagination go wild, to imagine yourself in the future, to step back from the here and now and imagine all the great things that will enter your life.

Feed your mind

You may as well choose to only feed your mind with positive things as your conscious and subconscious minds both take in everything you see and experience.

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You can’t quit eating altogether, but you can alter your diet, to use an analogy. In a similar vein, you cannot remain awake or in a state of meditation indefinitely, but you can choose to consciously feed your mind.

This entails a lack of tension, terrible news, disturbing images, etc. Negative self-talk must be avoided above all. Stop every time you catch yourself thinking a bad idea! And swap it out for a motivating one.

Set a goal.

A goal that is bigger than you and your entire life is ideal. At that time, your depression becomes less significant because another matter now takes precedence in your life.

Depression can be explained psychologically as a state of having a lot of energy (psychic energy) confined or spent in negativity.

By having a truly expansive objective, plan, or vision, you can alter the subject of your attention so that psychic energy flows toward it rather than remaining stuck. Depression can become expression if the objective is significant enough.

Act without thinking.

Depression can be considered as the antithesis of expression, as we’ve just seen. Consider doing something to increase your vibration by acting.

Have you ever overthought something? You have, I’m certain. I have. We’ve all engaged in some form of excessive thought at some point. You guessed it – that’s not the healthiest course of action.

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Move your body, exercise, or really just do anything to raise your vibration when you’re depressed. Do, don’t think. Act instead of wallowing in your depression.


If you’re feeling down, push aside your bad ideas and try your hardest to think only good, uplifting, and upbeat thoughts. This will help you raise your vibration. Additionally, practice separating yourself from your thoughts and focusing on something greater than yourself. Read the book mentioned below to increase your positive vibration.

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