Feb 15

Singing Sand

Everyone know about  singing bird, toy etc. But did you heard about the singing sand? What is singing sand? When a person steps on the beach sands, he hears a musical sound like playing of pipes.  Each and every step on the beach sands produces wondering music sounds. So, the sands are known as singing sand. …

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Feb 09

10 Valuable lessons to learn from Japan

  1. Calmness: There is no single visual of chest beating or wild grief sorrow itself has been elevated. 2. Ability: The incredible architects, for example, building swayed but did not fall. 3. The Order: No looting shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just sheer understanding. 4. Dignity: Disciplined queues for

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Feb 03

Floating Soap

Procter and Gamble developed soap in 1879. When the soap was made, first it also sank like the other brand soaps. But later this soap hit the market like anything for its floating specialty. You know how it happens?  What made the soap float? And what is name of the soap?

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Jan 30

Sandwich Art

The creative pair Brittany powell and Tae kitakata from United States is famously known for immortalizing ancient painting and art works. Now again they done it. But this time they directed their creativity on a sandwich. They used bread loaves to contrive the art on the buttered side of the bread. Now Sandwich became a …

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Jan 29

Vakratunda Mahakaya Dance

Watch Vakratundaya Mahakaya dance here performed by Ananya, Manasa, Rushalli, Lahari, Nikitha and Tanya. By, Poornimababu Find me on Twitter

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Jan 18

The Power of Written Goals And Dreams

power of writting your goals and dreams

” Written goals and plans bring to life order, meaning, and purpose that sustain interest and motivation over a long period of time.” – Quote All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be (or) do.

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Jan 17

Vishvaroop of Lord vishnu

By, Poornimababu

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