14 Beautiful Flowers Hummingbirds Love

Three characteristics characterize flowers that attract hummingbirds. They grow where it’s convenient for hummingbirds to hover and drink, and their tube-shaped, vibrantly colored blossoms have no scent. See which 14 vibrant flowers hummingbirds adore. Here’s how to turn your backyard into the ideal hummingbird habitat. Lantana Once established, lantana is a resilient plant that does …

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10 Behaviors That Build Healthy Relationships

A habit is an established, recurring inclination or behavior, particularly one that is difficult to break. Habits are incredibly hard to break once they’ve been formed and imprinted into your being. This covers all behaviors, whether good or bad, that you engage in within your relationships. Positive relationships are built on positive behaviors, as can …

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The Mountain Is You: Book Summary

Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery” In order to overcome trauma, deal with life’s obstacles, and heal emotional wounds, readers of The Mountain Is You can work on their potential and tap into their own inner power by accepting change, visualizing a prosperous future, and ceasing self-sabotage. Mountains have long been used to symbolically represent spiritual awakenings, …

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16 Red Flags That Indicate an Unresolved Trauma

Sometimes we are unable to avoid events in life that cause us to be traumatized for an extended period of time. Unresolved trauma can have a significant negative effect on a person’s mental and emotional health. Despite the fact that every person reacts to traumatic situations differently, there are some universal warning indicators that may …

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How Small Habits Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality.

There are numerous small habits that go unnoticed during the day, such as tearing off a few rolls of paper towels, sending a fast email to a coworker, or picking up items at the drugstore. However, these seemingly trivial acts can reveal useful insights into your feelings, personality traits, and overall approach to life. We …

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12 Methods for Being Productive Without Rushing

Here’s why productivity increases if you slow down. It is possible for the pursuit of success to seem never-ending. Some liken it to riding a stationary bike. This is a logical analogy! Imagine yourself riding that stationary bike with an insatiable need to increase productivity. Even at your fastest, you are unable to advance even …

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19 Messages of Optimism When You Need Inspiration

Here are some powerful self-affirmations to help you remember how valuable you are.Throughout life, we all experience periods of uncertainty, worry, and doubt. We require a ray of hope and a word of encouragement to get us through these difficult times. These twenty inspiring messages will increase your soul’s temperature and rekindle its fire. To …

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