What Kind Of Thoughts Gives You Best Things

The best things can only arise in your life if you expect the best things to happen.  Inspiring story A poor farmer lived with his family in a small village. He owned a small piece of agricultural land that was not fertile, inherited from his parents. He worked really hard, but he developed only small …

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How To Think Efficiently: 10 Powerful Practices

Think Efficiently – Effective thinking is something that can be practiced and developed over time. Everything begins and ends with the brain-heart connection. How you think either connects or disconnects the two. 10 Powerful Practices to think effeciently Find and Correct Negative Core Views “I am not good enough.” “I don’t deserve this.” We’re all …

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How To Build Mindset Of Winners

Don’t lose yourself to self-pity. Pick yourself up quickly.  Is it important tobuild a winners mindset? why? In our lives, we all have moments when we seem so close to glory but lose something unexpectedly. When the universe appears to be conspiring to kill us. We shatter our illusions. We are feeling defeated. Just smashed. …

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Life Is All About Your choices

Life is really all about your decisions, and it depends on your decisions. You can’t live your whole life without making any decision. If you think I’m not going to make any choice in my life. Will see where the life is going to take me. Still, man. If that’s what you think. Then you’re …

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Inspiring Story To Know The Power Of Will Power And Courage

In order to achieve great success in your life, you need both strength, will power and courage. When you have strength but a lack of confidence, you can’t do anything in your life.  In the same way, if you have courage but a shortage of will, you can’t achieve everything in your life.  Power and …

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Simple Secret – How to Prepare For Your Victory?

Bhagwat Gita says, ”A man‘s own self is his friend. A man’s own self is his foe. “ Believing that you can achieve your dreams and victory is a part of preparation. Enemies reside Both internally and externally. You’ve got to keep your eyes watchful, day and night. You’ve got to defend yourself. Every day and …

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Types Of Toxic People With Whom You Must Keep Distance

We continue to meet a lot of people (Good and toxic people) in our everyday lives. Wherever we go, we are introduced to new individuals. Many of the people we meet make a lasting impact, and you know they have to be in your life. It’s funny how quickly strangers can evolve into friends. That …

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