9 Parenting Errors That Erode Children’s Self-Esteem

When we talk about parenting, everything in a person’s life revolves around their sense of worth. Self-esteem, sometimes referred to as self-value or self-respect, is the perspective we have of ourselves that influences our actions and choices. Strong self-esteem motivates us to overcome obstacles, attempt novel experiences, and have confidence in ourselves. As parents, we …

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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters and How to Develop It

The process of recognizing your own emotions and those of others, controlling your emotions, inspiring your emotions, and coordinating your emotions to accomplish desired goals is known as emotional intelligence (EI). It calls for social awareness, social skills, self-regulation, self-motivation, and self-awareness. To be successful in your personal, professional, and social life, emotional intelligence is …

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Advantages of Having an Open Mind – 3 Ways to Maintain an Open Mind

The majority of people like to believe that they are unbiased. And while most people are generally open-minded, many of us aren’t as broad-minded as we think we are. And that’s not always because you weren’t trying; it might be challenging at times to maintain an open mind. Yet it’s unquestionably doable. Being open-minded is …

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Someone Ghosted You? How To Deal With It?

When someone you’ve been speaking to regularly disappears off the face of the planet without any prior notice, it can be incredibly frustrating and depressing. There are only four actions you should do if you believe you are being ghosted: Ask the ghost what’s up, consider whether you’re genuinely being ghosted, take note of your …

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Qualities of Dynamic Individuals and How to Develop Them!

Do you know someone who has endless energy and can handle anything life throws at them? They can be the friend with a packed social schedule or the coworker who excels at multitasking. The word “dynamic” may be the one you need to explain them in the simplest possible way. Someone who is dynamic is …

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Why Personal Development Methods Don’t Always Work

Occasionally people enthusiastically begin repeating affirmations, visualizing, and practicing various inner growth strategies after reading about the outcomes of personal development techniques. They aim for small adjustments in their lives and may succeed in getting them if they expect rapid benefits. You may experience happiness and elation when you see results right away. Change can, …

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10 Profound Life Lessons from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the enormously tall forceful speaker and coach who can inspire 50,000 people from all walks of life to jump up and down, make noise, and—more importantly—make significant changes in their lives. Past presidents, elite athletes, and even Oprah have all benefited from Tony Robbins’ work, along with countless others all around the …

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