Importance of Will Power And Courage To achieve Success

In order to achieve great success in your life, you need both strength and courage. When you have strength but a lack of confidence, you can’t do anything in your life. 

In the same way, if you have bravery but a lack of desire, you can’t do anything in your life. 

Will and bravery are like heart and soul. It’s like a two-sided coin. Nothing is possible for you without it.

You must have the will and bravery to win the battle of life, because only through your determination and courage will you challenge everything in your life. 

If you want strength and bravery, then nothing is difficult for you. Success is yours. Will and bravery are the keys to your success. 

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Your strength comes from your bravery, and your bravery comes from the force of your strength.

Willpower and bravery are your motto of success. Keep the strength and courage of your will in your life.

Will power and Courage

Small story to understand about will power and courage

Chanakya was the greatest acharya or guru of all time; and the great scholar in administration tield who wrote the administration masterpiece book, the Arthashastra. 

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When Chanakya was merely a young Brahmin: the Nanda king had treated him and his parents ill and exploited them. Dhanananda who was Magadha’s emperor, very cruel and autocrat.

Chanakya was humiliated by him. He was disregarded in the open court as a frail and poor outcast Brahmin, and before all the councilors and subjects of Magadha. At that very moment, he vowed himself that one day he would overthrow the entire Nanda dynasty and free the entire Magadha from the cruel ruler Dhanananda. He untied his hair knot before he did not overthrow the entire Nanda dynasty.

Chanakya left Magadha and lived in solitary confinement. Time passed on. And then one day he met a strong and brave young man. When he saw him, he determined he would be his pupil fulfilling his vow. The young man later became known as the legendary Maurya Chandragupta. 

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Chanakya made Chandragupta his pupil, teaching him all about knowledge , wisdom and war. And then Chanakya, with Chandragupta ‘s aid, prepared to overthrow the Magadha kingdom Nanda dynasty. 

For several years, Chanakya and Chandragupta pursued guerrilla war tactics and destroyed the weapons of war and the treasury to the empire. In that war on barbarism. Many people fought with Chanakya and Chandragupta who had been exploited by the King of Nanda. Many times they failed against the mighty and powerful Dhananada soldiers. But never gave up. They fought their last breaths till the end. 

And in the end. They did succeed in overthrowing Magadha ‘s ruthless and despotic dictator. Dhanananda, and their motherland freed. 

Then the new dynasty called Mauryan Dynasty was established which was founded with Chanakya ‘s support by Chandragupta Maurya.

Chanakya fulfilled his vow to overthrow the Nanda dynasty, and re-ticd his hair’s open knot. Chanakya was a man of strong will and courage who vowed to overthrow the mighty Nanda dynasty king all by himself and succeeded in his mission in the end. Before and until he could avenge his humiliation against Nanda king Dhanananda, he spent his days and nights not.It is also essential for you to have strong will power and courage to achieve your goal in life.

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