Self-Help Is The Best Help

Self-help is the best help. Nobody can help you better than you yourself, because you know yourself better than anyone else. Nobody will help you. It’s only you who helps you every moment of your life.

What is Self-help?

Self-help means you are relying, developing and growing yourself. 

You are elevating your life and climbing up.

You are building your self-belief and strength.

You are making yourself discipline, self-reliant and self-confident.

In the calamity of your life, when you tremble down in mid of the crossroad you will never find anybody to hold you from falling, at that very moment you will have to get up yourself while helping yourself.

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Just remember the crawling child cannot walk properly until and unless it couldn’t try to help itself.

If you want to walk properly in the road of your life then you have to help your-self.

Of course, no doubt sometimes you may get someone who willing to help you, but for a time being, because you have to take your own next step.

In the journey of life, at some point of time, you will always find yourself surrounded with hardships and troubles, but it is up to you how you could deal with them whether facing bravely or fleeing cowardly. If you are facing your hardships and troubles with bravely, then you are helping your self. But, if you are running away from your hardships and troubles, then you are misleading yourself and inviting more hardships and troubles in your life.

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Always remember that God helps those who help themselves.

If you want prosperity, success and happiness and glory in life, then you must help yourself. You cannot achieve anything merely day dreaming and wishing in your order to achieve something in your life, you must have to act practically and help yourself.

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There is one more example for you, a caterpillar couldn’t transform itself into a gorgeous butterfly if it wouldn’t try to help itself….

All the best.

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