Our President APJ Abdul Kalam

Our Government wastes crores and crores of money just by going excursion to foreign countries with their family, eating food in seven star Hotels, enjoying their life in public money and (as per information studied in newspaper) lot of money lying in Swiss bank for no use. Just have a look at this Gentle man.

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Google Launches “Google for Entrepreneurs” An Online Resource

Google took the veil of secrecy off.  As Google turns 14 this month, Google is celebrating this creative spirit and officially launching Google for Entrepreneurs.  “Google for Entrepreneurs,” is a micro

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Google Docs to Monitor Your Websites Up time and Down Time

Do you have a website? Would you like to know the up and down time of your website? Then build your own site monitor with the help of Google Docs. Here take the help of Google Docs to monitor your website. Where you will receive an alerts thro’ email when your site is up (and …

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The Power Of Positive Thinking

If life gives us rocks, don’t sit back and blame life for that. At every turn of your life, it gives us choices which we fail to recognize. So when life gives you rocks, It’s still your choice whether to build a wall or to build a bridge. “Your mind is a tool you can …

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EcoXPower Bike Attachment Charges Your Phone Using Pedal Power

EcoXFear’s EcoXPower is a three-in-one device that attaches to a bike. It utilizes the pedal power to light up a bikes headlamp, tail light simultaneously it charges the smart phone too.  This accessory locked on to the center of the bike’s front wheel with a universal mount. When a rider cycles,

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Pursuit Inside Thyself

“Decisions without action are worthless. Direct your thoughts control your emotions and ordain your destiny. You must put your effort to achieve what the quote above says, build your own life . Be an advantage to yourself and to all human beings. Build from your interior by giving direction to your thoughts and controlling your …

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Google Self Driving Car

Are you 100% perfect in car driving? (Or) deprived in driving. No problem. Here Google came to help you by introducing a Self-Driving Car. On Tuesday Google announced that Self driving car have now completed more than 300,000 miles of test drives. Under a wide range of traffic conditions, not even single accident occurred under …

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