The 7 Actual Reasons Why You Procrastinate

Afore looking into the reasons for procrastinate let’s have a look at this story which will be quite easy for us to understand the result of procrastination. 

There once lived a beautiful lark in a forest and it was happy and sang with joy. Then one day, a farmer carrying a box filled with worms passed through the forest. The lark blocked the farmer and asked him, “what do you take in the box?” The farmer answered, “I am carrying worms and I will trade them in the market for some feathers. “The lark said., “I have lots of beautiful feathers. I will give you one in altercation for some worms.” The lark thought that this would save her from having to hunt for worms. “the lark, in return, pulled out a feather and handed it to the farmer. The lark told herself“I will hunt for worms tomorrow.” The following day, the farmer passed by again and the lark traded another feather of hers for some worms. She then resolved to go looking for the worms herself. The farmer came the following day and again the lark gave in to trading her feather for worms. She went on postponing and did not act on her resolve each day till a time came when she had no feathers. Now the poor lark couldn’t fly and search for worms. It looked nasty and stopped singing. It soon died.

This story tells us that when we procrastinate doing the right things, it only makes life difficult. Procrastination robbed the beautiful lark of its life.

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“Procrastination makes easy things hard, and hard things harder.”

The 7 Actual Reasons Why You Procrastinate

The actual reasons for procrastinate

Let’s look at some of the factors that cause procrastination.

  • Low self-esteem and confidence: Such people lack the motivation to attempt any job. They shy away from trying out anything new, different or demanding.
  • Fear of failure: Some people have an enormous fear of failure, such that they will just not take the initiative to do anything new.
  • Lack of planning: when a person is not organized, has no specific time frame to complete his tasks, and does not prioritize them, there is every possibility of delay in completion of his work. Lack of planning often leads to inaction.
  • Stress: A tried and stressed-out person lacks the drive and motivation to take on a job. 

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  • Perfectionism: there are some, who by nature are perfectionists; they will attend to a job only after everything is in place. They delay any action till the last bit of information is available to them, and are always waiting for the ideal conditions to do the job. Such people often become the victims of what is called, the “paralysis of analysis”.
  • The tendency to please all: Some people cannot say ‘no’ to anyone. They are ever ready to please all and sundry. By trying to meet everybody’s demands, they “overspread” themselves and lose focus of their job.
  • Start-up problems: there are others who, for reasons of fear, lack of planning or confidence, insufficient knowledge or sheer lethargy, will just not take the first step to begin any job. Delay with such people os perpetual.

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