10 Techniques To Study Without Getting Your Mind Distracted

The following incident might be familiar for many of us, like, you have an important exam in the coming week, so you feel its time to study and you will also sit down to study and start revising your notes.

You will hear beep sound from your mobile of course, your hand will lift the mobile for sure after chatting with that person you will come to know that 10 minutes gone. Then you will not stop there and you will start browsing FB but it won’t end up there you will also watch 2 videos, browsing etc.

I am very sure that, it happens for many of us and my friends to said the same thing several times. But you know how to overcome it? There are very simple techniques you can do to win your distractions.

Techniques To Study Without Getting Your Mind Distracted

Switch- off your mobile phones

From Whatsapp to Instagram, Facebook to Twitter, our mobile phone is the door to social media. No matter how fascinating that might be; at least during studying, you might want to keep that door closed.

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Pick your spot

Find the spot that best suites you for studying. For some that might be a study table, others might want to sit on their couch while studying, but whatever it is that you find best for you, stick to it.

Exercises and Meditation

Doing Meditation and Exercises increases the power of concentration which comforts you to study for a longer period deprived of any distractions.

A little music never harmed anyone

Analyses have confirmed that listening to soft melody music when studying will rises efficiency. If you don’t involve yourself too much in the lyrics then, everything works fine.


It is important to take breaks in amid of studying is essential to sustain productivity. You have to take your breaks reliant upon your concentration level, if you have good focus in studies don’t take a break just continue. When you feel tired take a break and confirm you are back because taking a long break may distract you and takes time to come on track again.

Self Talk

If you listen carefully you can notice that distractions are not coming from outside, but from within. It may be a joke or conflict you had with friends or a quarrel with your parents or any movie scenes etc. So, whatever it is, just chat it out, to make a better focus on your studies .

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organizing everything you need is a very good habit. As it reduces our tension or else you may get tension when searching for required items like pen, eraser, scale, books, etc. which may lead to lack of focus. So, it better to do preplan for your studies and gather all means in the place and start studying. External imperative contributes to internal calm.


Set a daily goal, for instance, the number of topic or pages you target to finish on that particular day, and after completing the goals you targeted, prize yourself or tap on your shoulder and say great.

Don’t Compare

Never ever compare yourself with yourself with others, it is like you are giving place to hurt yourself so don’t do it. Everyone workings at their own pace and you must plan concurring to your pace.

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Inspiration comes from within

Inspire yourself daily. Don’t expect others to help you because all are busy in their work. So, help yourself to reach your goals. Now people who are rocking the world are self-developed people, for example, Bill gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Jack Ma, etc.

Harriet tubman said, “you have within you the passion, the patience and the strength to reach for the stars to change the world.

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