Learn The Truth – Why Our Thoughts Shape Our Reality

Of course, You might have heard it a several times in a several distinctive ways: you become what you think. And the thoughts you use become self-fulfilling foresights. Believe amazing things to unfold for you, and they will. Many motivators, teachers, and sages say it. You know why? Finally, it’s time to realize why the …

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Best Way To Stay Motivated During Workout

The secret to a strong and healthy lifestyle is consistency and even though we may feel the need to stay in bed some days. It is in our best friend to go workout instead. SEE ALSO:https://name-fame.com/motivation/motivations-to-start-running-from-tomorrow/ Following are some best ways to keep yourself motivated. Start Something New Sometimes going to the same gym will be …

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The Importance Of Positive Self-Image – Being Kind To Yourself

Use your talents, small or big. You can uncover your talents only by exploiting them, and develop your talents only by utilizing them. Only you can see your talents. When you are able to see the talents. When you are able to see the talents in yourself, you are already on the way to success. …

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Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India To Get Inspired

It is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse. There are lots of women who attained great success in their individual actions notwithstanding facing problem in their personal and professional lives. There are some women who do …

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20 Proven Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family natural to the Himalayan mountains. Turmeric contains Curcumin compound that reveals a bright yellow color to it and that is the foremost reason for its medicinal assets. Turmeric has a lot of health welfares because of its nutritional value and medicinal properties.  Turmeric has antioxidant property, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and …

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Best Food Items To Boost Your Immune System

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure” Winter is here and thus being the cold and flu season. And since prevention is better than cure. It is healthier to dodge falling sick in this weather than to take medicine later on.  These following foods will help you in building immunity. SEE ALSO:https://name-fame.com/motivation/how-to-setup-own-meditation-room-in-your-home/ Foods to boost your immune system …

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Must read Karma Quotes To Make Your Life Right

Karma quotes

Concurring to the simple Sanskrit meaning of karma, it purely means “action”. You might have heard the word karma much time, but do you know what does it mean? Karma means that whatever you will come back to you at some point. If you are a person and doing good to many people, then no doubt …

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