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17 Common Behaviors of Highly Intelligent Individuals

A variety of traits and behaviors that distinguish intelligent people from others are frequently exhibited by them. It’s important to realize that intellect is a complex quality while examining these traits. Here are 19 crucial actions and traits that are often seen in extremely clever individuals. Typical Behaviors of Very Smart People Having flexibility Rather …

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What Are the Reasons For Lack of Self Discipline

One of the most crucial conditions for success is self-discipline, although this quality is too frequently lacking. You might be curious as to why this crucial talent is lacking. Finding solutions begins with understanding the causes. Self-control can appear tedious and difficult. When you’re worn out or uninterested, it might be challenging to find the …

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Power of Self Control

Power of self control

SELF CONTROL – Control yourself first. Then you can control others. Swami Sivananda says that “self-control is control exercised over oneself. It is the power or habit of having one’s emotions, desires and aptitude, success and mind under control”. Self-control clears the mind, strengths will power and judgment. It uplifts your character. It gives you …

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