How to Overcome Your Self-doubt and Make Profitable Business

It is said, ‘you don’t realize how much your hair weighs until you shave it off. And you don’t realize how much your weigh until you release them.’ Infact, self-doubt is a mischief monger we all want to keep away from, but end up crossing paths, all the time. It is mind play of weakening your belief in yourself and the process you are following to get to your destination. If you got your process right, then self-doubt has very little place in your mind.

How to Overcome Your Self-doubt and Make Profitable Business

Take your own time to rid self-doubt

Even if you are doing something with conviction, and doing it day in, day out, the result is not in your hands.  It will take its own time to show. Don’t allow self-doubt to creep in and dislocate you from your path, even if that path is a long one and results take time to show. Which is why you should remain involved with the process and not get attached to the result. The more engaged you are in the process, the less your mind will allow self-doubt to strike. And if does creep in, you need to silence it by getting more and more into the thick of things; spend time on improving your existing processes rather than wasting it on thinking whether or not you will be successful.

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If, however, you are faltering in your processes, then self-doubt is in order because that alone can lead you to reflect on them in depth, which will eventually lead to a course correction and to the ultimate result. But the result should always be worn like a kurta – easy to take off and toss away. Instead, wear the process like a t-shirt that sticks to your body and is difficult to remove without an effort. So, while you should be able to throw away the result quickly, keep the process fitted around you, tight and sung. The results will be variable, but the process will always be the constant for you, if you are doing it right. Self-doubt stand little chance against this kind of a defense mechanism.

Don’t allow self-doubt to invade your mind

Self-doubts are invasions in your mind that have not come to you with the right intent. When you succeed in punching them back and overcoming them, you return to your core philosophies. This process toughens you and up and makes you resilient, which is desirable skill to develop because that is how you arrive at destinations in the long run. You get stronger, you train yourself every day and get better at killing the niggling doubts in the bud.

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Build your internal (mind) strong

Its like your body constantly fighting the germs and the infections that attack it from all sides. The only way you can keep them completely at bay is by building your internal resistance so strong that their attack doesn’t affect your body. That does not mean that the infections have gone away. They are still lurking around, waiting for an opportune moment to strike back. When you keep yourself fit, you are creating a wall around you. But it is not an impenetrable wall; some infections do tend to slip in despite that.

Let the germs of self-doubt come in. render them ineffective by your strong internal defense mechanism in the form of optimism, resilience and an unshakable belief in your process. It takes time and experience to build that, but once in place, your belief in yourself will be invincible.

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Self-talking or questioning yourself

Self talking / questioning to yourself is an effective way to overcome self-doubt. You alone know what you are going through, therefore, the first step should always be an internal conversation. Other may help you with a pep talk, or a patient hearing, or some firm advice, or little navigation but they are not privy to the choppy storms inside you because there are so many things you will not share with others. And others guidance will help you only when you are 100% transparent, from one corner of your hart to other. Otherwise it won’t work.

Am I doing good? Or ‘am I headed in the right direction?’ is something that will keep coming to you again and again. It is the nature of beast to hold you back. Therefore, it is necessary to keep doing the same thing again and again, persisting with them and becoming resilient. It is always the smaller step that lead to larger victories. With time and experience, you have a bank of victories, and that is how your career is usually graphed.

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Being an optimist helps in dealing with such doubts. As one, you are less likely to be troubled by self-doubt than what realists and pessimists would be. The pessimist are completely surrounded by self-doubt, and tend to resign at first signs of roadblocks.


For an example, you are preparing yourself to compete against a more established boxer in the areana, someone who has been around for a while, and also seems to be a clear favorite with crowds. Before the all important match, someone comes and tells you that there is no way you can win. If you are a pessimist, you will allow yourself to believe it and your spirit gives up the fight even before the actual fight begun. Your chance of winning in this case, are next to nil.

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