Power Of Thoughts – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Our thoughts is such a mighty factor in our daily living, that one single thought in the morning can fill our whole day either with sunshine and joy or with gloom and depression. All our power and all our weakness come from this one source.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Power Of Thoughts – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

State of Mind

Each one of us creates a world of his own, which is but a reflection of his thought. It is our own mental attitude which inspires live or hatred in those whom we meet. Every thought of love sent out by us is sure to awaken a thought of love in response; so too with every unloving thought. Each one of our little thoughts also unites us with the great cosmic currents of thought, intensifying our individual state of mind. All the results we attain are according to our thoughts. It is the thought which determines the true value of every act.

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Story of two friends

Sri Ramakrishna shows this in his parable of two friends.

One day they were strolling about together when they passed a place where a religious service was going on. One of them said: “Come, let us stop here for a while and listen to the holy words which are being spoken.”

The other refused, saying: “No, what is the use of listening to the Bhagavatam? Let’s us spend the time in yonder public hall where we shall have some recreation and pleasure.”

The first one, unwilling to do this, stayed to hear the bhagavatam; while the other went to the place of amusement. But all the time he was there, he kept thinking to himself: “Alas ! why have I come here?how much happier my friend must be, listening to sacred words of the lord.” Thus, although in a public hall his thoughts were fixed on God; While the other, who was listening to bhagavatam, found no joy in it, by kept regretting that he had not gone with his friend.

His thought reminded constantly on the pleasure he was missing, so he reaped the fruit of wordly thought; while his friend gained all the merit of holy thought.

This shows that our outer actions cannot be fruitful unless our thought is in accord with them. That is why many of our apparently good undertakings do not bring the desired results; it is because our heart and hand do not work together. Without harmony between body and mind we cannot achieve any great end, either physically or mentally. When, on the contrary, all our forces are united, so great is our power, that if we fix our thought on any thing, it is sure to come to us.


Hence we must consider carefully whether what we are thinking of we shall want when it comes. This is the reason why we should practice discrimination at every step.

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