What Happens If You Don’t Have Faith

Unless we have faith, we cannot work well, because doubt scatters and dissipates our energy. A little doubt enters our mind and soon a great storm is raging inside, which leaves us dejected and exhausted. Doubt always tears down, it is wasteful and destructive; while faith is constructive. It is so easy to doubt; for as soon as we begin to doubt regarding one thing, that leads to doubt of everything. Before long the whole moral nature becomes diseased.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Faith

Doubting gives bad result

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When we doubt, we strike a death-blow at very root of the tree of our life and naturally all the leaves and flowers fade away. ‘The ignorant, the faithless and one the doubting mind perishes. There is neither this world, nor the next, nor any happiness for the doubting self,’ the Bhagavad Gita declares. One who is full of doubt invariably misses the goal of existence, because he fails to take advantage of the opportunities which come to him.

Without faith, we can accomplish very little in this life. When we begin to practice, we find that it is always more beneficial to have faith than to hold a doubting, critical attitude. We must, of course, use our discriminative faculty; but tear down does not show superiority. Those who criticize do great harm. They may drop just one doubting thought into a mind and that may grow until the mind is ruined.

Wise saying

A wise teacher said that if we wish to advance, we must take the road of faith.  If we doubt, we shall go down and down. The doubt which leads us to investigate is all right; but when by the light of our soul we gain some deeper revelation, then we must throw doubt away.

There are people who seem to be naturally skeptical; but their skepticism is nothing but which they have cultivated and it can be replaced by another more constructive habit. It is just as easy to trust as not to trust. At the present moment, we have faith in ordinary things. We have firm faith in the existence of this external phenomenal world; and if someone comes and tells us that it is temporary and apparent, we refuse to listen to him. We cannot disbelieve its existence, because we have based our whole life on a belief in its reality.

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