How to Deal with Those Who Make You Feel Inferior

Have you ever had to deal with someone who made you feel inadequate? It is an annoying and occasionally terrifying experience. Whether the person undermining your ideas is a coworker, a friend who constantly makes you feel odd out, or a family member who never seems to be satisfied with anything you accomplish.

Despite the circumstance, coming into contact with people who minimize you or make you feel inferior can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. But don’t worry! There are several ways to approach these circumstances and emerge feeling assured and in control.

How to Deal with Those Who Make You Feel Inferior

We will examine a variety of strategies that might help you feel more in control and less victimized, from using comedy to your advantage to turning the tables on your detractors to learning to embrace your special skills and qualities.

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Let’s look at a few methods for handling those that make you feel inferior.

What is inferiority complex?

Picture yourself at a party with people who exude self-assurance, success, and joy. But, you experience an alienation that prevents you from feeling like a part of the group. You believe that everyone is privately evaluating you and that you are not good enough to hold a candle to those around you.

It is how having an inferiority mentality feels.

It might be challenging to enjoy social interactions, build connections, and accomplish personal objectives when you have an inferiority complex. You might start to doubt your skills and abilities, which would make you feel forlorn and helpless. The good news is that it is a disorder that can be treated.

You can learn to identify and challenge negative thought patterns, increase your self-esteem, and create a more positive self-image with the aid of a therapist or counselor. Thus, resist letting an inferiority mentality prevent you from enjoying your best life.

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Methods for dealing with those that make you feel inferior.

Set limitations.

Setting limits with those who make you feel inadequate is crucial. Inform them that you will not put up with their bad behavior. In your communication, be aggressive, polite, and firm. Saying “i understand that you have a different opinion, but i do not appreciate being spoken to in that manner” is one way to put it.

Avoid placing blame on yourself.

It is simple to slip into the self-blame trap when someone makes you feel inadequate. You can start to doubt your value or your capacity. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that the other person’s actions speak more about them than about you. Avoid taking their criticism personally or letting it damage your self-esteem.

Keep your emotions in check

It is normal to feel offended, indignant, or defensive when someone makes you feel inferior. Responding impulsively, though, can worsen the situation and give the other person more control over you. Instead, work to maintain your composure. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate on making logical decisions.

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Exercise self-care.

It can be exhausting to interact with people who make you feel inadequate. Take good care of your bodily, psychological, and emotional needs. Make time for enjoyable and relaxing pursuits like exercise, meditation, or hobbies. Setting self-care as a priority might make you feel more resilient and prepared to tackle difficult situations.

Concentrate on the positive

Focusing on the wonderful aspects of your life is a smart idea when you have so much for which to be grateful. Think on all you’ve done to be successful, such as attending school, finishing college, or landing a job you enjoy. Keep in mind that you are a unique person with a lot going for you. For the chance to save your life, thousands of people would donate their right arm.

Put your feelings in writing.

In order to modify the things that are not working for you, writing down your sentiments may help you understand how you feel about yourself and concentrate on the positive aspects of lifein addition to helping you organize your thoughts in a healthy way, writing them down will keep them from taking over your mind and making you feel depressed or anxious.

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Give yourself compliments every day.

If you’re serious about improving your self-esteem, you need to love yourself. This is not always easy to do and may initially sound foolish or even silly. Make an effort each day to find something positive about yourself. Affirmations repeatedly.

It’s about time you start realizing how great you are; your smile, hair, and body are all amazing!


Although it is difficult, dealing with those who make you feel inadequate is feasible. You can create coping mechanisms to deal with these circumstances constructively and positively by understanding the cause of your feelings, setting boundaries, concentrating on your strengths, looking for support, and engaging in self-care. Remind yourself that you are worthwhile, deserving of respect, and do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

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