One And Only Secret To Get Success, Health And Happiness

Secret to get success – There are four kinds of help which we render to people. First one is food , cloth or money to a needy man. Second, secular education. Education opens a man’s eyes and teaches him to take care of himself; third, save man’s life. This may be the greatest but death may seize him again at any moment. The fourth and highest help is to teach a man how to control and direct his thought properly.

 One And Only Secret To Get Success, Health And Happiness

The first 3 form of help are unquestionably very good; but the only permanent help is to give the people the mastery over all their powers, since they can stand on their own feet and workout their own salvation.

Secret to get success, health and happiness

The secret of success, health and happiness lies in the power of concentration; and nowhere is this need felt more keenly than in the western world today.

What is the cause of the many nervous disorders to be found among people?
Is it because they work too much?

No, it is not the amount of their work. It is the misdirection of their energies. It is the lack of proper control over their mind and body which at present is killing everyone little by little. Work of itself will not exhaust us, will not make us restless and unhealthy. It is misdirected activity. We do not know how to use our activities properly, how to protect ourselves from our own undisciplined thoughts. What we need is not so much to lessen our activity, as to gain the habit of control over our mind and through our mind over all our forces.

This, however, cannot be accomplished in a day or by chance. Nor can it be given by another. It can be acquired only by ourselves through regular practice. In the Gita when Arjuna, the disciple, say: “this wisdom which has been declared by thee as even-mindedness, I do not see the possibility of its lasting existence because of the restlessness of the mind;” the Lord replies: “it is true that the mind is restless and difficult to control, yet through constant practice and dispassion it can be subdued. But this wisdom is undoubtly difficult to attain by one of uncontrolled nature.”  Therefore, if you wish to gain control over your mind, you must take up some regular practice. the first thing you must learn is to sit quietly; for until you can restrain your physical activities and hold your body still, you cannot get mental poise. Nothing will more quickly cure nervousness and benefit the health than the daily exercise of sitting still and and checking all unnecessary and unconscious movements of the body. When you have succeeded in doing this, the mind will naturally grow calmer. Then you must take some Ideal on which to fix your thoughts. At first the main practice will be to drive out from the mind the many other thoughts that crowd into it; by by persistent effort the number of these will gradually decrease and the mind will become stronger, steadier and purer. Even a few moment spent in this way each day will clarify the mind, strengthen the will and enable you to do your duty with ever-growing efficiency and wisdom.

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