Do these Steps to Take Back Your Power from an Energy Vampire

Vampires ought to be nothing more than a thrilling, frightful, and entertaining fiction of one’s imagination. Some individuals, however, are energy vampires because they rob others of their valuable strength. They are poisonous and frequently prey on sensitive people, robbing them of their strength and joy. So, you have to take immediate action to take back your power from energy vampire.

Being an adult stink because of the constant pressure to behave like one, the obligations of job, relationships with others, and your own needs. We require a tremendous amount of energy, both physically and mentally, to survive and thrive (emotionally). Beings of energy, we are. Energy is projected and received in different ways to make up life.

Steps to Take Back Your Power from an Energy Vampire

What could possibly be worse than someone draining you of your energy and making it harder for you to handle the tasks and obstacles you face every day?

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What’s worse is not fully understanding why or how it’s happening and then becoming demotivated, stressed out, or even depressed as a result.

I’m going to give you some sound advice in this post on how to quit being a victim and take back control of your own energy, including your happiness, health, and vitality, as well as how to recognize the energy vampires in your life.

Several Techniques to Take Back Your Power from an Energy Vampire

There are ways to stop their heinous deeds that sap your energy, though. To take back your power from energy vampires, use these strategies.

Discover How to Spot Compassion Fatigue

If you are sympathetic, you will automatically give to those in need. When it persists, it can drain you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. According to a study by Sage Journals, compassion exhaustion results from this overburden. It would seem as bruises on the soul if you looked within.

This syndrome is frequently brought on by energy vampires, who can drain you of your normal empathy and joy. The greatest approach to cope is to change your attention to taking care of yourself, learning to relax, and learning to leave the situation.

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Employ Time Management Skills

Energy vampires also try to take as much of your time as they can. They want your shoulder to serve as their constant headrest, which is different from being a shoulder to cry on periodically. They frequently take up all of your time and act as their personal sounding board and on-call counselor.

You have the right to decide how to use your time since it is precious to you. You’ll become emotionally and physically spent if you give everything to ungrateful people. Spend time with your friends and family, but also make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself.

Speak Little and Listen Much

Speaking requires much more effort than listening does. Fortunately, energy vampires enjoy chatting a lot, so you can conserve part of your energy. Use open-ended questions during these challenging encounters to have them do all the talking.

Reduce Eye Contact With an Energy Vampire to a Minimum

Do you recall the old spooky movies with Dracula’s mesmerizing eyes? By maintaining eye contact, you can tell that the other person has captured your attention. Reduce your direct eye contact with energy zappers if you desire fewer and shorter conversations.

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While dealing with an Energy Vampire, Choose Your Battles Wisely.

Have you ever encountered a drama specialist who worked every day? No matter how small the circumstance, these emotional vampires break down and make a spectacle. When they ensnare you and anybody else who will listen in their toxic melodramas, they are really happy.

Thankfully, you have the ability to instantly stop this massive energy drain. When you’re nearby, they won’t necessarily respond to every moan, complaint, or negative attitude. You must reserve your emotional fervor for matters that are actually crucial.

When an energy vampire enters your space, make yourself scarce.

Empaths frequently sense a moral and personal duty to be emotionally accessible to everyone. Vampires of energy are aware of this flaw and take use of it. Every time they call or knock on your door, they believe you will be there to soothe them.

The greatest method to stop this bad behavior in its tracks is to extend a warm welcome. With this person, you can be gracious yet forceful. Avoid returning their repeated phone calls, and stay away from them when you’re anxious.

They frequently get the message and move on to another sympathetic person to serve as their crutch.

Social media shouldn’t be used as a reality show.

You can maintain contact with your loved ones via social media networks. It’s also the best way to promote yourself or learn more about your interests. Yet, excessive use of social media can turn you into a prime candidate for an energy vampire.

These people frequently direct their negative energies toward anybody or anything they can disparage. Be careful not to offend them with your posts, and only share items that aren’t too sensitive. Don’t let them get a foothold so they may enter and generate a lot of needless fuss.

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Changing the topic

Nowhere in any etiquette manual is it stated that you must broach a subject that gives you the creeps. These pessimistic folks tend to favor emotionally charged subjects. Feel free to respectfully shift the topic of the discussion if you don’t like where it’s going.

Fill Your Environment with Positive Energy

You’ll be relieved to learn that both positive and negative energies spread quickly. An article written by the University of New Hampshire claims that being around happy people can make you happier. According to the report, you’ll be more upbeat and feel better overall.

Don’t lose your cool

If you don’t offer a toxic personality the attention they need, you won’t be useful to them for very long. Please don’t fall for their bait whether it comes in the form of a loaded question or remark. Just don’t let them see how you respond to their tricks.

Be composed and make an effort to speak and move with neutrality. They have no ammunition if you deflect intrusive queries and critical remarks. They might switch topics or engage in conversation with someone else.

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Recognize and Value Yourself

Have the hostility and criticism of a toxic energy zapper caused you to feel inferior? It’s possible that you were the target of their wrath, which just lowers your self-esteem. You may reinforce the fact that you are more than deserving of love and respect by using meditation, positive affirmations, and journaling.

Switch up the scenery

If an energy zapper has left you feeling deflated and exhausted, you need some time to refuel. Take a long walk in the outdoors and let the splendor of nature lift your emotions. To assist you concentrate on feeling good feelings, go to a museum or do something enjoyable and thrilling.

Take a left turn to avoid the energy vampire.

Sometimes all your strategies for handling a mentally draining conversation fall flat. In these situations, you are under no responsibility to continue a conversation that is unsettling you. You suddenly recall something important you need to accomplish, so you gracefully go.

Make Your Higher Power Your Guide

It is advised to turn to your higher power when you are in need. Every time this person enters your life, you could feel like they are attacking you. Sometimes you can’t avoid them since you have to spend time with a family member or coworker. Ask the Universe to envelop you in good vibes and to surround you with a protective hedge whenever you are around them.

Release the circumstance

Are you sick of lying awake at night worrying about other people’s issues? You can consume more energy than is necessary due to your empathy. Be kind to yourself and learn to let go of issues that aren’t your responsibility to resolve.

Put your foot down if a careless person drains all your energy. You occasionally have to let go of other people and their drama. Kindly do so, take lessons from it, and go in peace and contentment on your route.

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Make Use of Numbers

One person frequently finds it challenging to take in all the drama that energy zappers generate. They have the power to quickly sap your strength and make you miserable. A group of them is the only thing these poisonous people enjoy more than a sympathetic ear.

Why not share the blame the next time you find yourself sucked into someone else’s misery party? Keep your replies private and include a few more people in the discussion. No one individual must shoulder the load; if you’re lucky, someone will shift the topic.

Address an Energy Vampire With a Strong No!

The word “no” is so simple to understand, but so few people are comfortable using it. Learn to say no when these enervating people come to your door asking for favors or tire you out with their continual drama.

You don’t have to indulge this poison; if you do, you’re leaving yourself wide exposed to this never-ending negativity. Learn how to defend yourself when someone asks you to do something or wants part of your time.


Energy vampires can be found in all spheres of your network, including friends, family, and workplace. You are the owner of your energy, and you get to choose who gets to share it. Say no to those who only take, and save it for those who share theirs with you.

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