How To Hold Your Mind From Wandering

There can be no peace or rest for us until our mind is well collected and focused. Often we see a person who is tired and wants to rest, but even though he may be lying on a soft bed, yet he finds no rest. Why? Because his forces are so scattered, his thought is so distracted, that he cannot quiet his mind, even though his body is free from activity.

How To Hold Your Mind From Wandering

Ways to stop your mind from wandering

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Rest your mind

There are some who have notion that resting means doing absolutely nothing – that if the mind is restless, to quiet it we must give up all thought. But we cannot give up thinking. The mind will always go on something; only there are certain thoughts which are restful and certain thoughts which bring unrest.

When our mind is directed towards elevating objects, then it will grow calm, serene and strong. But this is only possible through constant mental discipline.

Focus on your thoughts

When we first try to focus our thoughts, we found how dissipated they are. This state, however, is nothing but the result of our own unconscious habits of thinking. Therefore, to surmount these, we must cultivate counter-habits; for all thinking is a matter of habit. At first it may be very difficult, because all our past habits rise and try to overthrow the mind; but through constant determined effort and discrimination we can conquer. For instance, one who has been accustomed to many forms of distraction, like reading light novels, finds it very difficult to hold the mind on serious subjects. Yet by persisting, he begins to cultivate a taste for them and finds the same satisfaction in these that he once found in his previous habits.

This shows that what we call the natural trend of mind is nothing but a habit which we ourselves have formed. Therefore, the weakest and degraded human being can become strong and noble through the power of well-directed thought.

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Right thinking

By right thinking a man can free himself from bondage, disease, imperfection.; and through wrong thinking he can create fetters himself. By constantly thinking that you are pure, that you are a child of God, you become so. And this is one of the greatest lessons which have been given to the world by the teachers of India. From time immemorial these sages have declared that if a man desires to be liberated from bondage, the power of right thought must be awakened in him. Let a man feel hopeful, for he has something which is mighty within.

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