7 Signs You are Making Life Harder Than It Needs To Be

Life can suddenly become hectic and stressful. And in today’s environment, our stress levels have never been higher. However, many people unknowingly make their life considerably more difficult than they should be. My name is Freeman, and I’m a globally recognized life coach who’s helped people go from surviving to flourishing by making simple but powerful changes. Now I teach others how to do the identical thing. So, how can you know whether you are making your life more difficult than it should be? Here are a few easy signals that might help you better understand yourself while also promoting self-awareness and good change.

This is your moment to be truthful with yourself and identify some less-than-ideal behaviors to work on. Take tiny measures and begin actively changing the behaviors, developing healthy habits and making your life easier. Who wouldn’t want it?

Externals drive your life.

The modern world we live in is commercialized by seizing our attention. “Ping, ding…” We are inundated with notifications and information transmitted directly to the phone in our pockets. We know that this worldwide addiction harms our mental health, thus it is vital to adopt a responsible approach to technology. I’m not suggesting throwing your phone in a lake, but rather striking a conscious balance between our usage (since we all enjoy a good scroll) and making time for in-person connections.

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You are neglecting your self-care.

In today’s fast-paced societies, hard effort is seen as rewarding. This causes numerous individuals to overwork themselves and frequently burn out. I used to live an all-nighter, working during the day and DJing at night, until my body started to fail. However, you do not need to wait for a wake-up call. Integrating self-care, such as completing frequent 5-minute meditations, giving yourself to a hot bath, or prioritizing sleep, can help interrupt the cycle of busyness. Making investments in yourself firstly will simplify and improve your life in the long run.

You don’t believe you can achieve great things.

All of this may be a hard thing to take. Life is tough not because life itself is difficult, but as humans we choose to believe it is difficult, whether consciously or unconsciously. That means you are the maker of your reality; you can believe life is occurring “to you” or “for you”. Begin making significant changes by focusing on your strengths. Celebrating your successes will boost your self-esteem. Believe in your boundless potential.

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If you are in survival mode, it is time to take a break. It does not have to be like this. There is always a better approach to change your life.

You are attempting to prevent failures.

Failure has long been stigmatized in our societies. However, for every triumph, there are several failures. Even Thomas Edison failed numerous times before inventing the lightbulb. When we understand that failing is a normal part of life, we can play bigger. We grow grateful for the wonderful lessons we learn throughout our journeys.

You’re departing from authenticity.

We are constantly told that we must live in specific ways. Whether it’s working harder, making more money, or marrying. Following other people’s definitions of success frequently means giving up on your own life goals. People frequently reject their deepest calling in order to live a more “realistic” existence. As Einstein once stated, “The person who joins the crowd typically will not go any further than the crowd.” A person who wanders alone is likely to discover locations no one has visited before. Living an inauthentic existence will leave you feeling unsatisfied and will become a secret stressor. I, too, used to be trapped in this trap until I moved outside of my comfort zone to embark on solo adventures and begin my journey toward living a life of possibilities and meaning. You, too, are entitled to live an authentic life. Begin by asking your thoughts, what actually offers you joy.

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You allow fear to dictate choices for you.

As youngsters, we could have frightened the Boogieman lying under our bed after the parents turned off the lights, or the excessively friendly clown at the local fair. As we grew older, we added more anxieties to our list. Fear of not making enough to survive. Failure scares me. I am afraid of being rejected. Fear of others’ perspectives. Fear of implementing a major change. And the list continues.

Remember, fear, like the Boogieman, exists only in our thoughts. The more often you tell yourself this, the less afraid you will be, and you will be able to enjoy life again.

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Your thoughts are consumed by unpleasant memories.

Living on the past is the biggest thing that might make us regress. Your grief will only increase if you dwell on all the hardships you have faced. Put all of your attention into what you can do to improve your life right now, forgive those who have wronged you, and move on from the unpleasant memories.

Though your ideas and deeds in the present are within your control, yesterday is beyond your control.

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