Influence Of Mind On Body

Mind quotePositive thought generate positive feelings and attract positive life experience,  negative thought of your mind effects in negative vibrations. Chinmayananda says, control the mind and then go where ever you wish. With shoes a person can walk even on thorny bushes and stony slopes. A person is sheltered from them all. Surmount your mind, then you are secure against everything, everywhere at all times.

Emphasizing this idea, experts have pinpointed many mental cases of illness, where an illness has no scientific basis in the physical plain, yet it was created by the patient due to psychological reasons.

From a varied point of view, it is rational and comprehensible that different mental weaknesses cause different physical illness. If you are constantly hazarded to fear, you may have heart distress and blood pressure (low) because fear chills. On the other hand, if you are subjected to anger, violence and hatred, you will have blood pressure (high). You will be oversensitive, and you will not be able to breathe deeply because you are too restless.

Therefore, although different weaknesses and negative thoughts of the mind do not result in physical illness immediately, they are the basis of future physical illness.

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In order to overcome illness, you must understand that prevention is better than cure. Do not wait until a disease has developed and taken root in your physical body. Try to prevent and bring rhythm and joy in to your life. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man health wealthy and wise’. This simple saying encourages a pattern of life that keeps you in harmony: no excess in entertainment, no excess in sleeping, no excess in keeping awake, no excess in eating – rather a life which is characterized by moderation and rhythm day by day .

In addition there must be joy and good humour. You must have a sense of humour as your personality trait. When there is occasion to be joyous, do not let it slip by. Do not stay in gloom. You can even evolve your own proverb: “One humour a day keeps brain-fog away”.  You must also develop an insight in to how you can adjust your diet, your method of concentration, your association and your diet. Yoga is a best remedy. It helps us to keep our mind under control.

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