How To Think Efficiently: 10 Powerful Practices

Think Efficiently – Effective thinking is something that can be practiced and developed over time. Everything begins and ends with the brain-heart connection. How you think either connects or disconnects the two.

Think effectively - thought shapes our lives

10 Powerful Practices to think effeciently

Find and Correct Negative Core Views

“I am not good enough.” “I don’t deserve this.” We’re all impacted by our previous experiences and then when we stick negative words to them, we subconsciously bring them into our current reality. Think efficiently by changing the negative into a positive and allowing that play frequently in your thoughts.

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Strong words cause strong thought

“I’m going to try this.” Where is the power in this sentence? So, let’s reword this. “I’m going to master this technique and gain clients.” Use powerful phrases that set you up in your thinking for success. Merely trying’ doesn’t inspire anything. ‘Mastering’ is a really motivational thing. Think efficiently-and powerfully. Positive thought encourages behaviour that is powerful.

You are what you think when it comes down to it

So, if you think that you’re a failure, that you don’t receive success or prosperity, or that you’re not smart enough, your subconscious mind will lead you in the path of whatever you’re thinking. To Think effectively, you need to think in directions that lead you to success.

If Failure Ensues, Just Think, What Is Lesson you learnt

Know, everything starts and ends with a brain-heart connection. Find an important lesson which you can learn from or benefit from in any stressful incident. That way, when you recall at the case, you see it as a learning experience, not a painful, unpleasant incident. Try to find peace in all of this.

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If You pause a Project to Think About It, confirm to begin It Again

Too many brilliant ideas have been discarded because of hesitancy or procrastination. If you find yourself at a standstill in the middle of a project and you are hesitating, go back to point #1. Find the conviction that stalls you, undo it, add some power phrases, and dive right back in. 

Over Thinking Promotes instability

Think Efficiently – Think like this: Thought…Idea…Vision…Action. Pick your thoughts and come up with an idea. Really imagine the whole thing coming to life in your mind. Now, take that step you need, to make the idea work.

If you Want Something, have patience

This idea was taught by a very important money trainer, and when I knew it, I’ve been unglued. All of your thought processes encompass that need, that longing, when you’re too busy wanting something. Anything like, “I don’t know how, but I have to.” you hear yourself saying.

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Instead, go to 6th point. Take that will, change that into an idea, see it clearly, and act quickly to get through. Moving the attention to the state of ‘getting mentally stimulates the mind to take the requisite measures to get it instead of staying in a state of envy.

Use Psychological Stimuli to hold the same wavelength in your brain and heart

For instance, in your heart, you know that you need to set up the plans. But your brain says, “It’s worthless, you’re always going to be broken.” Don’t give in to… change your mind’s thinking. Think of how much less pressure you’ll get when you understand exactly how much you’re going to have to invest and where you’re going to spend. This links your mind and your heart, inspiring you to prepare a plan and stick to it. Less tension is the psychological cause.

Don’t let others to hurt you

Generally, by looking at somebody’s heart, you gain a better understanding of their reactions. The effect is that it makes forgiving much easier and preserves your imagination energies instead of frustration and resentment.

Verify the intentions

Make sure that what you think is your view before you talk or act, not the partner of your friend’s boss, etc. When you think, make sure they are your own, impartial thoughts, and that many others do not seek approval or are influenced by you.

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Stop Burrying Messy Thoughts

When you find yourself pushing aside an unwelcome thought or emotion… don’t. Even though it is attached to a negative emotion. Let it come to the surface all the way back. Sit for a few minutes in it and really feel the sensation. Face it, feel it…and let go of it. 

Don’t suppress icky emotions, because in moments of stress they still raise their ugly head and cause you to behave and do stuff that you’ll regret later.

Focus Right Now

Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Just right now. That’s what you’ve got… that’s all that counts. This way, the decisions are not as likely to be determined by previous experiences in the present moment. This is the most effective instrument to help you think efficiently.

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The Bottom Line

Thinking effectively is very important – You will learn effective thought by using these basic methods every day and soon see changes in your job, your imagination and your relationships. Know, it’s really about aligning the heart and brain so that they don’t clash with each other.

Think Efficiently – “Anything that makes you weak physically, intellectually and spiritually, reject as poison.” Swami Vivekananda.

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