Change your problem in to opportunity.

  “There is an Island to the opportunity In between there are many of difficulties”.

Every human have their own ambitions. To make our ambition come true we need to work hard. Success won’t come so easily; one has to face many problems before achieving their desired result.

Problem …. Different person see in different way.  It depends upon the persons view. If a person is optimist he will see the success waiting behind problem. If a person is pessimist he will see only the problem not success.

How to Change your problem in to opportunity.

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What is problem?

How to solve the problem?

What is problem?

  1. Problem is a book which gives knowledge about do’s & don’t in future.
  2. Problem – This shapes the man.
  3. Problem makes the man perfect.
  4. Problem gives experience to man.
  5. Problem makes man to think in many ways.
  6. Problem helps man to bring out his potential skills.
  7. Problem – This created many scientists.
  8. Problem is a stepping stones for Success.
  9. Problem it gives guts & courage to person.
  10. Problem gives clear view to your goal.

How to solve the problem?

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Problem may be in business or life. One should know the art of problem solving skill to be successful. When problem arises, Self-confident is most important to win. One should have courage to face the problem. By being bold, keep you step forward, try to understand the problem and tackle it – this will lead you to the success. One has to see the problem as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes, learn the lesson and move forward, don’t keep your step back, I am sure one day we will be in the brink of the success.

Person who fears to face the problem and keeps his step back, He is not a man in the success list & he cannot achieve anything. Do you remember this line “If you don’t aim at anything you will never hit anything” So think only about your goal not the problem which you are going to face in between, have guts to face the problem. Problem is nothing but a lesson.
“Some people are so afraid to die, that they never begin to live” likewise when you are not ready to face the problem then you don’t think about the success. Problem comes in everyone life. When we try to solve the problem in some way we will get solution to the problem.

There are many scientists in this world. Those scientists has failed many times and faced many problems before inventing. But they used it as a learning opportunity. They learned lesson from their failure and changed their failure as a stepping stones.

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There is proverb in Tamil called “anai varum pinay mani osai varum munay

Meaning: Sound comes first Elephant comes behind.

In temples, after pooja, elephants used to come around the temple. While devotees are busy in their prayers they will not listen that elephant is coming behind so one bell was tied in the neck of the elephant so that the devotees will be aware, by hearing the bell sound they will move to side and give way to elephant. Likewise problem comes first were success follows behind.

So, Don’t see the problem. See the success waiting behind the problem. Good luck.

Note:  when you are in problem first throw your fear outside because success is waiting behind the problem. Problem, sometimes it was created by us (without our knowledge) and some time by others. But every problem has a solution. So don’t fear when problem comes see it as an opportunity to learn. First, it may be difficult. But later you will become expert in solving the problems.

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