How To Develop A New Habit

On over years, a simple, strong, validated technique has been developed for the creation of new habits. It’s like a recipe for cooking a meal in the oven. You can use it to build any habit you want. Over time, it will be easier and easier for you to build the behaviors that you’d like to integrate into your personality.

How long it takes?

It takes some 21 days, as per the experts, to break or shape a habit pattern of medium complexity. Habits that are more complicated or difficult to integrate into your lifestyle can take longer. 

Three weeks can not sound like a really long period, but within 21 days, you will build powerful habits.

Steps to develop a New Habit

Experts refer to this as a “major emotional experience.” Any experience of extreme happiness or pain, accompanied with actions, will create a regular pattern of behavior that will last for the remainder of a person’s 3rd life. 

Of example, placing your hand on a frying pan or touching an energized wires wire can cause you severe and instant pain or shock. Experience can only take a brief moment.

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Make a decision

Take a call first. Decide explicitly that you will start behaving in a certain way 100% of the time, and when this action is needed. For instance, if you want to get up early and workout every morning, set your clock for a particular time. So when the alarm was set off, get up right away, put on your workout clothes so continue your exercise program.

Never allow an Exception with Your New Habit 

Secondly, never make an exception in the your new element of habit mostly during preliminary stages. Don’t find excuses or justifications for that. Never let yourself go of the line. If you want to get up at 7 a.m. every morning, disciple up at 7:00 a.m. every single morning before it is automatic.

Tell us that you are implementing a new action 

Second, inform someone that you are going to start practicing a specific action. It’s incredible how much more focused and committed you can become when you know that people are watching you to see if you have the courage to follow through with your resolution.

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View Your New Habit 

Fourth, imagine yourself behaving or acting in a certain way in a particular situation. The more often you envision and picture yourself behaving as if you already had a new habit, the easier your subconscious mind can embrace this new activity and become routine.

Write an Affirmation and say it 

Fifth, make an affirmation that you repeat to yourself over and over. This frequency greatly increases the pace at which you grow your new habit. For example , you might say something such as, “Get up and then get started right away at 7 a.m. every morning! “Repeat the last word before you feel sleepy.

Resolve to persist

Sixth, commit to engage in a new action until it’s so natural and simple that you genuinely feel guilty when you’re not doing what you’ve agreed to do.

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Reward yourself

Seventh, and most importantly, give yourself some sort of incentive for implementing a new action. Each time you reward yourself, you reaffirm and strengthen your actions. You will soon tend to connect, at an instinctive level, the gratification of reward with actions.

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