What Kind Of Thoughts Gives You Best Things

The best things can only arise in your life if you expect the best things to happen. 

Inspiring story

A poor farmer lived with his family in a small village. He owned a small piece of agricultural land that was not fertile, inherited from his parents. He worked really hard, but he developed only small quantities of grain, which was not enough for his family.

But the poor farmer was always positive in his life, and he always expected the best things to happen. So, he dedicated himself to his work in the best possible way without making any complaints. Many of his friends advised him to go to the city to work rather than to rely on his small, infertile land. The poor farmer did not heed the advice of his friends, and worked hard, relentlessly, faithfully.

Then, one day, the poor farmer wanted to grow cash crops along with normal food crops. As he was ploughing in the field with his two old oxen, all of a sudden the plough plank hit something very hard. He stopped his ploughing and began digging in the place where the plough flank struck. After digging for a while, he found a rusty old casket, which he had taken out of the casket, and opened its door.

When the casket was opened. He slipped, and his tongue was tied. The rusty old casket was lined with gold coins. He thanked the Almighty God with his gratitude. 

The Best Expectations have given him a large sum of money. Enough for the next seven centuries. In the early phase of our life, we are more like a bad farmer. Our life presents us with many daunting obstacles and upheavals.But we’re not meant to give up, and embrace anything with our arms open. We must expect the best and work towards our target with complete commitment and conviction. Who knows when a casket of great fortune knocks at our feet?

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