Important Lessons To Live Free From Fear

leave your Fear behind

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”

Everybody is anxious to be crowned with success. But this is possible to the person who doesn’t fear to face the problem. Of course, fear is the first enemy to everyone.

The first slipping point for success is fear. First, one should be free from fear. We should treat “fearless” as our armor to protect us. A trembling hand can never successfully pour liquid from one vessel in to another.

A real story of fearless Swami Vivekananda:

When Swami Vivekananda was 8 years old, he used to visit his friend house who has a Champaka tree in their compound. The Champaka flowers Lord Shivas favorite flower and by the way a favorite of Swamiji’s too. Swamiji loved to hang head down from it! One day as he was swinging from the tree, the old and virtually blind grandfather of the house recognized his voice and approached him. The old man was scared that the boy might fall and hurt himself or he might lose some of his precious Champaka flowers! He called Swamiji down and told him not to climb the tree again. Swami asked why? the old man answered, why because a ghost lives in that tree and at night he goes about dressed all in white, and he is terrible to look at! and he breaks the necks of those who climb the tree!

Swamiji merely nodded and said nothing and the old man went away smiling to himself in triumph. As soon as he had gone certain distance, Swamiji climbed the tree again and was hanging back in his previous position. His friend who was there all along cried out Swamiji! The Ghost is sure to catch you and break your neck! Swamiji laughed heartily and said. What a silly fellow you are! Don’t believe everything just because someone tells you! If the old grandfather’s story were true then my neck would have been broken long ago! 

This shows that Swamiji as a young boy was Bold AND fearless with an exceptionally strong common sense!

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Fear gives
A man negative thinking;
Fear makes
A Man loses self-confidence;
Fear pulls
A man back from success;
Fear gives
A man depression;
Fear stops
A whole activity of human being.

“A fearless man dies once in a life. But a man who fears dies every day in his life.”

Person who fears will never try anything new because his fear blocked his mind. He is just frog inside the well.

Let me explain. Look at the river and stagnant pond. The clear water of the running river is always fresh, clear, potable, and attractive. But on the other hand see the stagnant pond water. It was so dirty, stinking, filthy and such a bad odorous. If one wish to be successful, follow the constant motion of a river ever progressing.

“Fear is negative response to a problem” – Napoleon Hill

“Courage and insight alone can, in the end, win confidence and power” – Irwing Dilliard

I saw many of them, who is blaming god for their inability. Let me tell one thing.

God solves your problem:-

When god solves your problem, you have faith in his abilities. When god does not solve your problems he has faith in your abilities.

A coward man is living in dark he can’t see anything and he can’t achieve anything.

A courageous man is living in the light he can see everything and he can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible.

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