Practice Makes A Man Perfect With Story

Natural gold does not shine, it requires constant polishing. Likewise, if you want to be a good man and shine in your life, you need to do your job constantly. Without any practice, you hopefully won’t become a master in your work. All the successful and productive men and women of this planet are experts in their work. They were working intensely. They were working day and night.They worked breathlessly until they were masters of their work. 

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

Just a daily practice makes you good for your work. It is your work that will take you to your destiny. A man who keeps practicing in his job, he will never fail in his goal. Success is just going to look at him. 

One who has never worked in his work. He’s never going to know anything in his life.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect With Story

He’s just going to be lacking in everything. He’s never going to have success in his career. In his career, he will still remain unsuccessful. 

A good man has always performed his work with all his heart. 

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One night, Arjuna unexpectedly woke up and did not see his elder brother Bheema, who was sleeping beside him. He went out to find Bheema. He looked out in the courtyard & backyard of the Gurukul (school in olden days). Yet Bheema was nowhere to be found. He was afraid that if the wicked Duryodhana might took his brother away and kill him somewhere. 

Arjuna was still searching for Bheema, but he couldn’t find him. He was really concerned about it. His mind was consumed by the fear of losing his brother: he was about to cry when he heard a sound coming from the Gurukul kitchen room. There was total darkness all around.

Nothing was clearly apparent. 

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Arjuna went to the Gurukul kitchen room and heard the sound of someone eating something. He was positive that Bheema was there. He was calling him. Then Bheema responded to Arjuna. Arjuna asked him, “What are you doing in the dark?” Bheema answered that he was eating the food. Arjuna was really shocked.

He questioned Bheema how he could see his food in the night. Bheema chuckled and said that it was his custom to eat that his hands and mouth co-ordinate with each other even in the night. With Bheema ‘s response, Arjuna ‘s mind hit with a brilliant idea. He said to himself that if he practiced his bow and arrow constantly, he, too, would become one of the great archers. So what Arjuna practiced constantly with his bow and arrow, and later became one of the best archers of the world. A good man has always performed his work with all his heart.


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