How to Become a More Disciplined Person?

You might have heard that many people say, “I make commitments but never follow through. I always make verdicts, but I never keep them. I never complete the tasks I begin. How can I put a stop to that? I frequently promise myself that I would practice greater discipline coming forward, but I never follow through. 

“How can I develop more discipline so that I keep my word? What do you recommend? 

Do you too have questions about developing better discipline? Continue reading; you might learn something.

You Can Become a Disciplined Person

The practice of discipline is a habit, and like any habit, it needs to be practiced frequently to become second nature. 

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How do you develop discipline? 

Start with easy tasks that are straightforward to do and only need a minimal degree of discipline if you want to develop the habit of discipline. Your capacity to do more discipline-demanding activities and tasks will increase if you complete them successfully.

To help you understand what I’m saying, consider these examples: 

For a week, go for a 25–30 minutes walk each day at the same time. Do it despite inner reluctance, shortage of motivation, or sloth. 

You could find that you have to use some willpower to get off the couch and walk outside. If you did this every day, your discipline would get better and you would become more disciplined person. 

You must practice the same behavior repeatedly, not just once, in order to develop discipline. Your inner fortitude and self-control would gradually increase. 

Your commitment and endurance, not the activity—in this case, going for a walk—are what make you a more disciplined person.

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If you are weak in discipline, do not worry. You can get better at it with with practice. 

You can develop the ability to fulfill commitments, establish and follow through on resolutions, and complete tasks. You can develop the ability to persevere and increase your level of discipline. 

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