How To Manage A Stressful Situation And Make It A Positive Day

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into positive one”.

Now let’s have a look into the story which will give you a clear perspective of dealing with situations.

You are having breakfast with your family and your daughter knocks over the coffee cup on your brand new shirt that you are wearing for an important business meeting. You get upset and scold your daughter who then burst into tears. You then turn to your wife and criticize her for placing the cup close to the edge of the table which resulted in argument with your wife.

In that hurry, you are storming into your room to swap the shirt. When you return, you find that your wife is trying to calm her to get her ready for school. 

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How To Manage A Stressful Situation And Make It A Positive Day

Your wife has to leave immediately for work, you rush to your car and drive your daughter to school. Being late, you ignore the traffic rules, finally, after 15 minutes of delay and being charged some dollars as a fine for speeding, you arrive at school. You daughter runs into building without saying bye.

You reach your office 30 minutes late and find to your horror that you have forgotten your briefcase at home. Your clients are annoyed at you for being late for the business meeting. You are now stressed out! As the day progress, it seems to be getting worse. Nothing seems to be working for you! 

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You look forward to going home in the evening. When you reach home, the atmosphere is tense, and your relationship with your wife and daughter seems strained. What a terrible day! Who is to be blamed for it? The coffee, your daughter, your spouse, the traffic cop or yourself? Obviously, yourself. You had no control over what happened with the coffee, but you certainly had control over how you reacted.

Now let’s change the response for the same situation

Now, look at what could and would have happened. Your daughter spills coffee on you. She is afraid and is about to cry. You gently tell her, “it’s okay dear; you just need to be careful the next time. You then rush to your room, change your short and are back in the dining room with your office briefcase, you see via the window and see your daughter getting on the bus, she turns and waves to you.

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You and your wife started to office and reached office early and happily greet your colleagues. You have good meeting with your clients. You are having a great day and are feeling on top of the world!

In the above-mentioned story the situation is same but there are two possibilities. Of course, You cant take control over what occurs but you can control on your reaction to it. The very thought of stress brings to mind images that are worrying and traumatic, and which put people under pressure.

When stressed, people tend to lose control over events. It affects health and takes its toll on effectiveness and productivity. Stress is universal and experienced by all. It is unavoidable and is part of life’s Package – it comes with life. Stress means different things to different people, a person may perceive a particular situation as stressful, whereas another may not. Stress depends on how we perceive and react to a given situation.

Be positive in all situation and deal it cleverly. Positive in everything helps all the time.

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