The Power Of Faith And Why It Is important For Success

Faith for success – Faith is the beliefs that helps as a broadcaster to keep us firmly grounded. When we have strong trust in what we do, some imperceptible power empowers us to reach impossible levels of performance.  No matter what you do desire, you should believe in it. 

Faith is essential for success. New windows of opportunities and possibilities will disclose when the power of faith comes into play. This power displays itself when we are strong minded, humble sincere and definitely believe in ourselves and in the supreme power, the almighty God.

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Faith and determination are inter-linked. The faith thing arises into play when we have the determination to chase our mission with solid action. There are many amazing occurrences that confront logic and rationale. These occurrences are not explainable by any reasoning’s but they are there for us to see.

The power of Faith and why it is important for success

There have been instances where patients, who were terminally ill and beyond cure, have shown phenomenal recovery; some have even been cured fully and are leading normal lives. Sailors caught in storms at sea have survived for weeks floating on wooden planks without food and water. Mountaineers have survived extreme cold, after been trapped in snow for weeks. Such miracles are beyond any reasoning’s, and happen when a person has an unflinching faith and belief in himself and in what he does. It happens when we have the ‘never quit’ attitude.

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Faith is a route discoverer in the moments of crises. It reawakens our hope, and that keeps us going. Faith unlocks our energy reserves to help us overcome any crisis. It brings out the best in us and renews our efforts to succeed in adversity.

Never doubt the power of God. He is there to help you. Faith is not a matter of convenience or something to be relied upon only in times of crisis. We need to have faith in ourselves at all times, whether good or bad. Quotes mentioned below are some great lines that I read in a Temple. These lines clearly show the deep faith in the Gods at all times. Read this to know the real miracles of God

Happy moments – Praise God

Difficult moments – Seek God

Quiet moments – Worship God

Painful moments – Trust God

Every Moment, – Thank God

Faith has the sole power to uplift our spirits in our time of need, and empowers us to pull upon our inactive capabilities when we need them the most.

Faith alone will not lead us to success, but it helps us to make our efforts successful.

Belief and Faith give hope that lets us to think positive even in times of hardship. Miraculous happenings with divine intervention often help us to pass over our crisis when we believe in ourselves and in God.

Have faith in yourself, in what you do, in God; and you will be surprised by the success of your efforts.


  • Have faith in yourself, in what you do, and in God.
  • Faith gives hope, and hope energises action.
  • Don’t quit…keep going…you will succeed…divine power will help you.

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