How To Practice Positive Thoughts

Here are few ideas to practice a positive thoughts which gives a positive and life as per your wish.

When our emotions turn negative, heavy, and burdensome, we can stop, take a deep breath and simply reflect. What has generated this emotion? What thought has taken hold to create this toxic mental state? By just reflecting. We often observe this thought and emotion dissipate and lose its’ hold on the mind and body. Through practice and discipline, we can more readily remain in a salt Vic state (one of harmony, calm, and presence)

Ideas to practice the positive thoughts

  • Address your environment and the motivations that are inflowing into the mind. Avoid places and interactions that are filled with negative energy. Newspapers, gossip columns, and radio/TV news thrive on negativity. Surround yourself by a network of positive-minded people. Reduce your interaction with relationships that foster thoughts and actions that flow against your positive intentions.

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  • Start and end your day with a simple pause allowing time to reflect on the appreciation. Take note of several things you are truly thankful for. A sincere expression of appreciation is a powerful tool to facilitate positive thought processes and generate a sense of fulfillment at the moment.
  • Speak only when it improves upon silence. This subtle, yet powerful Buddhist phrase says it all. Speech is another physical manifestation on thought controlling our words trains our thought processes. If a conversation cannot be steed to a positive tone, end the conversation.

Stop being judgemental

  • See the world with less judgment. Judgment is another toxic element of negative thinking. Practice finding “good” in everything. Experience the freedom of releasing established biases and expectations. Often when we judge, we too have issues with being judged. A non-judging mind becomes free of the “eyes” of the outside world and we begin to live within ourselves and not through others.

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Life style and habits

  • Engage in lifestyle habits that support healthy thinking. Regular exercise, proper rest, meditation, proper nutrition plans, and uplifting activities help keep the mind fresh and expressive with positive energy. Also, consider how you can modify your work environment with changes like taking more consistent breaks to proper work ergonomics.
  • Get things done and organized. Just as thoughts manifest into the physical, the physical environment manifests back into the mind. Finish incomplete projects. Organize your home and workspace. An environment that is unorganized or filled with incomplete projects. Organize your home and workspace. An environment that is unorganized or filled with incomplete tasks has a burdening effect on the nervous system. Declutter and make your environment flow with spacious, positive energy clean out closets and cupboards so the first and last thing you see in the day is organization and order. This physical order supports mental calmness and control of emotions.

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Rather than trying of purge negative thoughts, focus more on generating positive interactions and expressions. This trait of sankulpa (practice of establishing an intention) attracts further positive thoughts and experiences. With this shift in to harmonies thinking, the physical manifestations are seen and experienced by others. We begin to attract more people with like minds and intentions. Again, the key element is reflection and observation. What are our emotions saying about our thoughts? Use your emotions as a tool. Breathe new life is your thinking and experience the freedom of positive thought energy.

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