True Passion Makes You Get What You Want

“Act as though it were impossible to fail. “

Success is yours, and if you desire it with a passion, you can get what you truly seek. The most important thing is the ruthless of your desire. When the desire is heartfelt, intense and is backed by an urge, you are passionate to fulfil it. When you are possessed by your desire and pursue its fulfilment relentlessly… success is bound to be yours. Success is yours when you really go for it.

Stop saying I will try 

Trying is non-committal because it leaves an option for non-achievement. People who say they will try, are not really committed to their goals. Their desires are wishful thinking. They are not passionate about their goals and will seldom do anything to achieve them. Instead, go after what you want passionately. Don’t say that you will try; instead, tell yourself that you will achieve it. Commit yourself to your want; preserve it despite the odds; don’t quit and you will accomplish all of your goals. If you truly want to achieve something in life, be passionate enough to go after it. In passion, you will thrive, not just survive.

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Real passion definitely gives what you want

Passion is when your desire becomes the driving force. It is the fuel that keeps you going. Mere wants and wishes are not enough. Without passion, they are nothing but day dreams and fanciful thinking. Passion is when you are possessed by your desire-you are hungry to get it-you crave for it-you ache for it-you are paranoid about accomplishing your goal- your enthusiasm to fulfil your desire is boundless-you are challenged and challenges empower you-you believe in yourself-you are charged and energized.

True Passion Makes You Get What You Want

Make the things happen to you

Your desire empowers you to find newer ways for its fulfillment-you don’t rest till you turn your desire into reality-you are responsible for yourself- you are a ‘possibilitarian’ in making things happen as you desire, without justification or excuses. When possessed by passion, nothing can hold you from getting what you desire or reaching your goal. Your commitment is absolute, solid, clear, specific and focussed. Passion unleashes your full potential to find ways and means to get what you seek. Passion is goal oriented. Odds and problems do not deter them. Passion sparks creativity and propels you to attempt unusual and newer approaches to reach your goal. It is not dampened by failure; instead, failure makes the passiion more intense to discover alternative means to realise the goal. Passion is the total commitment of self to turn your dreams into reality.

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Hope you heard it

Most of us have heard of walt Disney, the legendary movie animator, producer and creator of one of the largest amusement parks in the world.

Setbacks and problems are only there to test our commitment and resolve. When we do not waver in our commitment to our goals, even in the face of odds, we emerge stronger to realise our dreams. Sir Edmund Hillary Hillary was intensely passionate about fulfillinf his dream and did exatly that.

Dream big live your dreams. Be possessed by them. Live with passion. Give all og yourself to fulfil your dreams, and success will indeed be yours.


  • Be passionate to achieve your goals.
  • Passion is empowering.
  • Get possessed with your goals.
  • Great achievements come from great passion.

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