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Why A person always feeling low motivation? How to come out of it?

Though it can be unpleasant, feeling unmotivated all the time is a regular occurrence that many individuals go through at various stages of their lives. This lack of motivation may be caused by a number of factors, and knowing the underlying causes may help you address and remove it. Here are a few potential causes …

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Some Of Your Actions That May Repel People

The majority of people tell me that their relationships break down due to newly discovered incompatibilities, previously unrecognized deal breakers, or crises like infidelity or newly discovered addictions. But in my more than four decades as a relationship therapist, I have discovered that even when the more overt causes are absent, there are frequently underlying …

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Changes That Will Take Place When Toxic Individuals Are Removed from Your Life

Maintaining miserable relationships won’t be beneficial to your wellbeing. The poison will gradually kill your sanity and may even prevent you from thinking positively, even though you formerly valued that person in your life. The best thing you can do would be to let rid of poisonous people. Although it may seem harsh, you will …

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How to Regain Motivation to Lose Weight When Motivation Is Lost

Motivation to lose weight – You decided to lose weight, and here you are! This denotes the beginning of mindfulness. This is crucial for inspiration, weight loss, and general well-being. Being fit and active is essential! Our bodies were created to be mobile, not stationary. The success of your weight loss journey depends on your …

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Tips To Improve the Quality of Life

Life can be daunting at times. It can all be a bit much to handle, whether it is a difficult personal life, a challenging work, or simply managing the anxieties of being a working human being in the twenty-first century. To enhance your quality of life, it is crucial to take your time and make …

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Mind-sets for keeping your positive energy Alive

The power of positive thinking, positive energy has become a widespread concept, and it also proved and demonstrated by multiple scientific studies that positive thinking welfares us mentally and physically. A positive mind-set can give you more positive energy like feeling confidence, develop your mood, and reduces hypertension, hopelessness and other stress-related sicknesses. Ok, everything is fine, …

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Why Only Motivation Is Not Enough To Achieve Your Goals

Why Only Motivation Is Not Enough To Achieve Your Goals

There are some people who complain that why motivation is always not enough? Though they listened to many videos and speech, they can only stay motivated up to 15 minutes or an hour or else one day, after that, they lose motivation. Why?

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