Why Only Motivation Is Not Enough To Achieve Your Goals

There are some people who complain that why motivation is always not enough? Though they listened to many videos and speech, they can only stay motivated up to 15 minutes or an hour or else one day, after that, they lose motivation. Why?

Yes, you are right only motivation will not do anything. You should take action!

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Reasons why Motivation Is Not Sufficient

If you are losing your motivation or constantly adjourn it is because of 2 simple reasons:

First reason, your goal does not stimulate you.

Just think… what are your goals?

Do you still have a goal?

Does your goal inspire you?

Why Only Motivation Is Not Enough To Achieve Your Goals

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First set a clear and meaningful goal. If you have a strong desire to achieve your goal, then it will enthuse you each day to take a huge action on your dream life.

Have a clear goal with a deadline. That goal will fire you up. In this approach when you get inspired it is just an admirer, like fuel to boost up your energy to rave-up you quicker towards your Goals.

Motivation on its own is not adequate, but motivation with determination will light up any life.

Reason number two:

Your reasons for taking actions is not meaningful ample.

If it is a life or death purpose you would shot action, right?

So think on what is the life and death reason?

If you don’t have a reason, then you will not take action and no motivation video will help you.

If you don’t have any reasons, think harder or it may be The life you are living now is NOT ENOUGH and satisfying you for the human YOU ARE INNER.

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Motivation is really great


Motivation is really great and makes us do wonders. 
Each of us desires to get motivated at times.
all of us wants to fulfill our intellect with knowledge, positive energy, and powerful thoughts.

But it is not the only thing to get motivated.
You have to LISTEN, LEARN and take in the MESSAGES.
Mark them. The Several motivational videos are not motivational videos, they are self-improvement videos.

It depends upon your intention/situation to get motivation. If your purpose is to acquire motivated, you will get motivated, if your purpose for TRANSFORMATION, then you will get the transformation.
If your purpose is to Progress and Grow, then you will progress and grow.

By way of with whatever in life, you will catch out of it anything YOU CHOOSE to catch out of it.
So get forced!

Acquire Motivated.
But acquire Motivated To Take Action!

Acquire Motivated To Take Your Life To The Succeeding Level!

Acquire Motivated Immediately So You Aren’t Disheartened Deferred.

Take Action Right Now So You Can Adore Later.

One more important reason is when the challenges you face are bigger with a lot of problems. At this point, only by listening motivation video or speech won’t help, so talk to yourself to remove mental barriers and stay motivated, have positive thoughts, believe in you, often say positive affirmation (sometimes sentence in video may not suitable for you to change the sentence as per you desire to say it repeatedly) etc.

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