Country’s Youngest Apps Programmers

Now-a-days kids are so clever. Shravan 14 years old in Class VIII and his brother Sanjay 10 Years old in class VI who stay in Chennai are the youngest mobile apps programmers in the country and one among the youngest developers in the world. Already three of their apps are in iphone and ipad. The first app is a game app called “catch me cop”, for children. Second App is for kids to learn alphabets and the third one is prayer apps for those on the move. In across thirty countries, downloads have crossed the 10,000 mark with users.

Country's Youngest Apps Programmers

The apps programmers and growing techies say that Bill gates and Steve Jobs are their inspirations. At present they are developing two apps. First one is for students who miss classes. Shravan explains that, “When students take leave for several reasons, this will record all the class room activities and place it on the cloud. This will reach your device and you can watch the exercises, entire class room activity by the teacher etc.

Second one is “mobile navigation for the visually challenged person”. Envisage the mobile phone giving voice alerts to a visually challenged person about the things around him or her!

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