How Can You Develop Self-Respect for Yourself?

People have opinions on us, and each person’s opinion is different. Some people think we are extremely good, while others say we are terrible. Someone is speaking extremely highly of us. Another person has negative things to say about us. Through their perspective, people’s opinions of us vary significantly. When we pay attention to how other people see us, we could both blossom and wilt. We believed that everyone must think well of me. We must have the fortitude to handle this issue, and we must be unaffected by other people’s opinions. We must develop self-confidence and self-respect for ourselves.

Develop Self-Respect for Yourself

If others think well of us, it can be very strong and beneficial. However, if we don’t think well of ourselves, it is useless. If we are aware of our own identity and worth, then other people’s opinions cannot affect us, even if others around us don’t think well of us or don’t say lovely things about us.

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If we are aware of our own values and someone doesn’t treat us or communicate with us in a way that reflects those values, I need to be stable. This exhibits self-respect.

We can’t fully comprehend it unless we put it into practice.

Respecting myself means accepting myself and how I am. It won’t happen unless I am aware of who I am and what I stand for, unless I respect myself and demand respect from others.

Respect starts with oneself, and one must first respect oneself. It is therefore quite simple to respect ourselves once we have the awareness that we are the soul and that we are whole, that whatever we seek outside of ourselves is already there inside us.

How to develop self-respect?

Being assertive:

Recognize when someone is disrespecting you and do something about it. A person who respects themselves won’t let others treat them poorly and will avoid hanging out with disrespectful people. You need to be able to say, “You just disrespected me and that’s not acceptable to me,” in some way when someone doesn’t treat you with fundamental respect.

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Inner tranquility is a result of genuine self-respect. That inner tranquility is nurtured by spirituality. Do not ignore this aspect of who you are. The pursuit of spirituality may be a thrilling and profoundly fulfilling experience.


Recognize who you are. The more self-aware you become, the more you’ll value your individuality. Learn about your own personality, values, and skills. Instead of trying to please everyone, start establishing your own standards and character. Be genuine to who you are. It’s critical that you believe in your own principles and keep in mind what matters to you. It doesn’t necessarily follow that other people are correct in their opinions on how you ought to act.


Rather than actual results, what matters is motivation. We make the mistake of equating our sense of self-respect with outward manifestations of our riches, success, and social standing.

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Never despise who you are. This could turn into a harmful routine. We all make errors and occasionally make the wrong decisions, but we shouldn’t ever be too hard on ourselves.

Have regard for others:

How can you have respect for yourself if you don’t have respect for others? Trying to make yourself feel better by criticizing others is the incorrect strategy. It will be simpler to recognize your own positive traits if you look for the positive traits in others.


Master the art of taking criticism. We are delicate creatures. We must develop coping mechanisms for criticism if we want to keep our sense of self-respect. Do not personalize criticism. Take a step back and consider it objectively.


Decide consciously that you will stop playing the “victim”; you are in charge of your life, and only you can bring about change. According to American writer Joan Didion, “the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.”

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Forgive both yourself and others. Avoid dwelling on the past. Get past mistakes and challenging circumstances.

So finally lets see what mantra by BK Shivaniji’s about self-respect

Make the following your mantra and practice it for one day only: I am peace; I do not need anyone else’s peace. Since I have a strong soul, I don’t need to control others. I don’t demand respect from others. I honor myself. And I value each individual for who they are.

Self-respect that is already within of us but that we are unaware of begins to decline. I never forget that I respect my principles and who I am as a person. I don’t regard other people based on how they treat me. I will then feel valued always.

You won’t demand respect from others by standing in front of them. I don’t deserve respect, nor do others. However, when we are truly ourselves, we don’t require someone to give us anything. Then, regardless of how they act. When we have regard for ourselves, we immediately respect others.

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I don’t require anyone’s regard. I am complete and pure. I already possess all I require. Self-realization is that. That will inevitably lead to self-respect and self-esteem. There, we shall also gain self-assurance. You feel so gorgeous because of that.

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