10 Characteristics of Shallow People

Throughout our lives, we come into contact with a variety of people. And we’ve all probably come to terms with the idea that not everyone is worth retaining by this point. Some people may prove to be shallow people, while others may just be difficult to get along with.

Take a “shallow” person as an example. No matter how much effort you put into maintaining a positive relationship with them, their shallowness will eventually cause you to lose interest. If you desire meaningful relationships, dealing with shallow people can be difficult whether they only see the surface of things or are preoccupied with flaunting their accomplishments.

Characteristics of shallow people

When it comes to your social circle, there is nothing wrong with being picky. Therefore, keep reading to learn how to recognize shallow people!

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They place more importance on outward appearances.

You might have experienced self- or other-judgment in the age of online dating based purely on outward looks. When we view someone’s photo on our devices, it is simple to weed them out if they are not exactly our “type” by just swiping left.

In reality, the process is the same. Some people have a propensity to place a higher value on outward appearances than on our personalities, minds, and other qualities. In case you suspect someone in your life of taking the Tinder mentality too seriously, be on the lookout!

They lack the ability to have serious talks.

It’s common to start talks with small talk when you’ve just met someone. However, if you’ve known someone for a while and all you discuss with them is the weather, it can quickly become dull and unpleasant.

Some of us value conversational stimulation on an intellectual and emotional level. If you fit this description, a shallow person might not be someone you want to get close to.

They enjoy drama and attention.

Shallow people enjoy the drama and attention that comes with being the center of attention. They talk about themselves roughly half the time and embellish every nuance of the most recent rumors.

It can be unhealthy to be around someone who thrives on complexity and is self-absorbed. Look for folks that don’t fuss too much about the trivial things in life if you want to keep up great relationships.

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They lack more complex feelings

A person who has a “shallow affect” is unable to react to a situation with the proper emotions, according to psychology. In daily interactions, you could find it difficult to identify emotional depth when conversing with shallow people.

Imagine being extremely distressed and seeking assistance. You might not receive the kind of consolation and understanding you’re hoping for if you find yourself in this scenario with a shallow person. Simply dismissing it, they can remark, “Why don’t you just cheer up?”

They don’t have deep connections.

It’s not surprising that shallow people may not have deeper ties with other people because they engage in flat talks and make trivial remarks. They may regularly switch up their romantic interests or buddy groups as a result of their inability to establish long-lasting ties.

They might even be the ones to leave a relationship if something “better” presented itself in some circumstances. They may be unable to be a constant in our life due to their lack of loyalty.

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They value material things.

Some people determine someone’s value based on their income, the size of their home, or the number of technological devices they own. Those without depth place a greater emphasis on their possessions and may even criticize others for having less to show.

Spend your efforts on people who don’t give a damn about price tags if you want to be recognized for your inner wealth.

Here is our post with examples of materialism and how this way of thinking might affect your mental health if you want to learn more about this.

They follow the crowd.

Some people struggle to discover their actual sense of self because they frequently go with the flow. They don’t care much about speaking out because they would rather fit in or feel accepted than they do.

It’s a red flag that you’re dealing with a shallow person if you notice that they put on different masks depending on who they’re with or where they are.

They are fixated on seeming “hip” and “current.”

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Shallow people constantly feel the need to keep up with the most recent trends because they are conformists and materialistic. They are obsessed with having a cool appearance, no matter the expense.

People with depth would place more significance on quality, authenticity, and contentment rather than switching up their wardrobes seasonally and carrying the most recent smartphone.

We should all aim to achieve that.

They enjoy bragging.

You might believe that a shallow person is always having the ideal life if you go through their social media profile.

They will occasionally even take actions only for the purpose of posting them to their feed and letting everyone know that they are enjoying themselves more than the rest of us.

Because they like to showcase a luxurious lifestyle even when it’s not always the case, shallow people can quickly develop an arrogant attitude.

They lack a long-term perspective.

People that are shallow may overlook their long-term objectives because they are constantly pursuing the newest and coolest things (if they do have them.) It can appear that their only concern is preserving their current good looks.

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There is nothing improper with enjoying yourself and believing you are in charge of the world. However, we must also strive to create things that endure and be anchored by a higher purpose.


Shallow people can be difficult to connect with, but they are not inherently terrible. If a loved one of ours does tend to be shallow, we must be patient with them since they may still be able to change.

If we’re willing, we can be kind to them by refraining from passing judgment on them or severing all ties. Instead, we can help them realize that they still have the power to alter their behavior and how they engage with others.

After all, regardless of how much depth we may believe we already possess, we can all benefit from one another.

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