15 Indices That Your Relationship Is Being Manipulated

Is your relationship being manipulated? Abuse of any kind is not the only indicator of domestic violence. Another type is manipulation. Master manipulators enjoy working in teams and have countless strategies for controlling their partners to accomplish what they want. Being controlled by a manipulative person can go unnoticed at first because they have a methodical manner of affecting your thoughts and feelings. If your partner begins to use any manipulative techniques, such as emotional blackmail, passive-aggressive behavior, emotional abuse, the silent treatment, etc., it’s crucial that you report their actions to someone, such as an online therapist. If any of those things apply to you, you can examine if they are on the emotional abuse checklist. So now let’s see some of signs That Your Relationship Is Being Manipulated.

They persuade a person that they were responsible for their manipulative and unfavorable connections. When you are unaware that this is being employed in a partnership, it can be frightening. Knowing the warning indicators may therefore help you decide whether to call it quits.

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Manipulation techniques may be used in relationships that involve emotional or physical abuse. A dominating girlfriend or boyfriend is an example of an emotional manipulator who excels at making their partner feel in control of the situation. They are using you as part of their strategy to achieve their goals. Your partner’s drive for control is the root of their manipulative behavior.

They may manipulate your feelings in so many different ways, which is why individuals who are experiencing them may feel so hurt when the relationship ends. In many areas of your life, people manipulate and profit from your emotions. Relationships with family and friends may suffer, and it may make it harder for you to complete tasks on time.

You must recognize manipulation if you want to maintain your emotional stability. If you believe that someone is manipulating you, you can speak with a couple’s therapist to evaluate your relationship and explore your choices.

How to Tell If You’re Being Manipulated in a Partnership

Understanding the warning signals of emotional manipulation in your relationship is crucial. Asking about the telltale indicators of manipulation in a relationship might help you answer the question “Am I being manipulated?” Observe the following:

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They Select a Fight Over Minor Issues.

Things started out well, and you had no trouble choosing activities and locations as a couple or getting along with one another. Now it appears that your partner picks fights with you over little issues and expects you to cave because they are aware that confrontations are unpleasant. This strategy is used by the perpetrators to exert control over you in various aspects of your life.

They Keep Information from You.

When they make phone calls in a different room, go somewhere without notifying you, or engage in other suspicious behavior, you discover they can be secretive at times. A friend might find out you’re having lunch with them and explode in rage. Although it appears that they are taking some time for themselves, you are unaware of their whereabouts when you are not around.

You Are Ineligible.

They desire it, but won’t give it to you. They might give you a call or send you a text to see if you’re where you said you’d be. They might check your phone activities to see who else you are talking to.

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You’re Held Accountable for Someone Else’s Actions.

Some people might assume that a manipulator is doing this out of jealousy, but they are actually trying to manipulate your behavior.Despite the fact that you done nothing wrong, they criticize a trait about you, such as your appearance or demeanor.They might attribute someone else’s actions to you.They may make it look otherwise, but their goal is to alter you so they can feel better about themselves.

They Modify Your Phrases.

Tricks and mind tricks are favorites of manipulators. If you challenge what they’ve stated and use your own words, they’ll attack you. Even if it was a meaningless remark you made, they elevate it or assume you were trying to make them feel inferior while actually making an effort to make you feel worse.

They Profit from Your Goodness And Care.

A person who is emotionally manipulative will utilize your needs to seize power. They favor those who are decent and reliable. They make offers of assistance but then turn the situation against you by manipulating your perception of reality. It’s a ruse to get you to think you require them. You don’t want to know that the perpetrator is using compassion to coerce you into doing things for them since it will be to their advantage. They might claim to have done something kind for you, but they really want want something in return.

Their Guilt Is Your Control.

Although we are flawed beings who make mistakes, they won’t let you forget about your own. If you get angry with them, they will make it a game to point out your errors. They want you to be on their side as a result.

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They Lead you to believe that you are frequently mistaken.

They mask their fears, leading you to believe you’ve made a mistake. It could happen during a debate on a viewpoint or something that was expressed earlier. To appear more intelligent or superior to you, they could embellish their claims, justifications, or behaviors. They persist until you acknowledge that you are at fault.

They constantly require you to prove your love for them.

Criminals frequently include the phrase “If you love me…” They might say this before specific actions to embarrass you or get you to change your mind. It is both the darkest and most innocent form of manipulation.

They Bully You Towards Themselves.

When they are upset and you refuse to do what they want you to do, they drop clues.They come across as cruel, cunning, and may even resort to physical violence to get you to agree.This applies to both male and female victims of assault. Many times, the statement “I hit my boyfriend” has been made. They might later make a statement that enhances their reputation. They take advantage of your fears.

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You Get Accused of Doing It.

Your partner will blame you if they suddenly become irritated or reflect on a past error. They are asking their forgiveness while making you feel guilty by using you as a scapegoat for wrongdoings they committed. Although you didn’t do anything wrong, they nonetheless make you feel guilty.

They Act Emotionally Passive-Aggressively Toward You.

Recognizing the symptoms of emotional manipulation is crucial.They have control over how they show their emotions, but they have a tendency to manipulate.By acting in a way that irritates or upsets you, they might harbor resentment toward you. They can purposefully leave a mess or mutter offensive remarks under their breath.This enables them to contain their rage longer.When they seek to control your emotional response, perpetrators can seem cool, collected, and composed.

You don’t see your family or friends as frequently as you did before you started dating.

You are kept away from those who have your best interests when someone is deliberately attempting to manipulate you.They take on a controlling role in your life and prevent you from socializing and forming close bonds with others.

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They Leave You Feeling Small or Unworthy.

When one spouse thinks they are superior to you or that you would be nothing without them, the relationship becomes increasingly dysfunctional. It constitutes abuse. They might say you’re not good enough or that they weren’t as interested in you in an abusive relationship, but you got lucky. They frequently make fun of you, making you feel inferior. Abuse in a relationship does not necessarily have evident symptoms. Although they can be pretty obvious if you know what to look for, they can also be subtle at times.

They make the connection all about them.

You want to chat about your day, but they act as like it was more significant than yours. They don’t give a damn about acknowledging your struggles. They believe your problems are completely unrelated to theirs. When they force you to prioritize them over what you say or do, the partnership is unbalanced. They don’t give a damn about what other people think.

Fear Has Control Over You.

When a partner is an emotional manipulator, it is evident that they lack patience since they generate dread in individuals in a manner similar to how they use guilt. If you owe them money or they know something about you that they want to keep a secret from others, they will use fear to manipulate you. They might make a promise to help you, but if you don’t follow through, they’ll threaten you. If they make you feel unsafe or threaten violence, leave right once and go somewhere safe.

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At first, it could be difficult to recognize these symptoms. People who believe they won’t experience it often do. Many people are unaware that their partner is in charge of them or that this is happening. The offender may employ a variety of psychological tricks to achieve their goals. Although they appear to be acting normally, their acts are undesirable for a happy marriage because they could lead to emotional and psychological issues. Even though they appear logical at the time, their actions are part of ingrained habits that may be linked to other types of abuse. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you are not alone, and this article may assist you in spotting these symptoms and taking proactive measures for yourself.

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