Singing Sand

Everyone know about  singing bird, toy etc. But did you heard about the singing sand?

What is singing sand?

When a person steps on the beach sands, he hears a musical sound like playing of pipes.  Each and every step on the beach sands produces wondering music sounds. So, the sands are known as singing sand. The music sounds are naturally produced by the sand. There are totally 30 singing sand dunes in the world.

Different types of singing sand?

Types of singing sands are Singing sand, whistling sand, Roaring sand, Booming sand, and barking sand etc. The sound ejection may be caused by walking on the sand or by wind passing over dunes.

Barking Sand Video. You know where it is? watch here

Places of singing sand dunes in the world:

  1. California’s Kelso Dunes and Eureka Dunes;
  2. Sand Mountain in Nevada;
  3. Sugar sand beaches and Warren Dunes in Michigan;
  4. Porth Oer (Whistling Sands) near Aberdaron in Wales;
  5. Barking Sands in Hawai’i;
  6. Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts;
  7. The Booming Dunes in the Namib Desert, Africa;
  8.  Indiana Dunes in Indiana;
  9. The Al Udeid Air west of Doha,  Qatar, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  10. Gebel Naqous, near el-Tor, South Sinai, Egypt.


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