Belly Dance

I saw many belly dances in different movies done by different dancers but Illeana’s belly dance in a movie “Nanban” (Friends), directed by Sanker is really outstanding.

Already Illeana is very popular for her hip shake. Now Sanker gave polish to her hip shake. Excellent output. The dress she wore in that song gave extra ordinary look to belly dance. Watch the video and enjoy the belly dance

Wow! What a hip shake? So many varieties in hip shake. mmmm……


When discussion comes about sankar song. Yes, this is Sanker speciality in songs, always his movie used to have 4 types of songs 1) Stylish Song 2)Foreign Song 3) King song 4) folk song. In this movie he clubbed all this four in one Askalaska song.

Friendship song en frienda polla yaru machan really took back to my life.

Belly dance rocking and the song is about illeana’s hip and she did justice to the song.


The “Nanban” (Friends) movie is about three friendships. It is remake of 3 idiots (Hindi) movie. In Tamil it was directed by Sanker, Hero Vijay, heroine Ileana, the two other friends are Jeeva and Srikanth. Vijay looks very smart in this movie. Jeeva is having a good time, Always his movies used to be normal, “kho” movie is a turning point for him “Kho” gave a big hit and now this friends movie. Srikanth came back congratulation.

Public used to have lot of expectations for Sanker’s movie and particularly after “ROBO” movie it increased more and he fulfilled it.


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