Clever kid

There are many interesting things to watch in this world but the most interesting thing is watching our kids’ activities. They are like doctors. The original doctors cure diseases. But these doctors cure our mental tensions by their beautiful smile and clever activities. Here I would like to share my daughter activities which are really wonderful & unbelievable.

 One day I and my dad were busy in chatting; my daughter was busily playing with the water bottle. I don’t know what she was doing, but when I saw her she was trying to take out something from the bottle. (I and my dad were just watching what she was doing). She was not able to take it out, immediately she went to kitchen room and brought another bottle full of water. She poured the water in to that bottle. The bottle was filled with 70%, and again she tried to take something outside but she was unable to take it again. She has poured some more water where she can touch the item but not able to take it again. She has poured some more water and filled the bottle. We could see a small cap floated on top of the bottle. Immediately she took it in her hand and kept it aside (at that time I saw winning smile on her face). I felt so happy I just hugged and kissed her but she told move, and again she poured the water in to the bottle. I stopped her and told her that the bottle was already full why are you pouring the water again, she told that she was trying to take out the eraser from the bottle. Then I peeped inside the bottle and found that there was an eraser under the water. Immediately myself and my father bursted with laugh. Then my father went and told her that cap is weight less that is why it floated on the water you too removed it cleverly but rubber is weight that is why it stayed inside and it won’t float. She was thinking for few seconds and asked me how to take it out?  I told her pour the water down you will get the rubber easily. She followed my instruction immediately but shockingly she asked me one question that mummy I got the rubber but you advised me not to waste the water few days back then now why did you ask me to waste the water. I just shocked and I don’t know what to answer. Now a day’s kids are very bold, talented and teaching lesson to elders. They are so clever in their approach.

Still now I did not told her any story particularly “The clever crow” story. How she got that Idea? Who told her? 
> But I am happy to take advice from her.


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