Why It Is Important To Have Positive Attitude And Thoughts

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”. Attitude is built brick by brick, over a period. It starts in the early periods of life and is fortified by our upbringing, the environment we live in, our education and learning, experiences, the people we associate with and all we do. Of course, we can do away with the negatives and build a positive attitude. Some steps to develop a positive attitude are:

Read motivational books

Go to inspirational and educational programme.

Practice the phrase: :do it now”

Change your focus from negative to positive.

Stay away from people who talks negative.

Love yourself, believe yourself .

Think, feel and work to be great.

Form a strong character.

Remember that success comes only when you put in additional efforts, beyond typical, stretching beyond the limits, even when it is a strain and pain. You have to go on with your efforts despite the odds coming in your way. You have to succeed irrespective of the problems. Successful people do not rationalize; they achieve. 

Why It Is Important To Have Positive Attitude And Thoughts

The often-retold quote of Henry ford, – “Whether you think it can be done or it can’t be done,” is so true.

When you change your thinking, you become a renewed person. As the old adage goes, “Thinking Maketh a man”. 

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Master your mind

Be a master of your mind rather than its victim. 

Find quiet time for yourself every day to experience your thoughts to make them more positive by dropping out the negatives. This will enable you to experience a transformation of your thinking steadily becoming more and more positive. It will have cascading effect. When you think positive, the good follows. When you think good, you will feel good. Positive thoughts lead to positive attitudes, which are the springboard to success, growth and prosperity. 

Success is all about plans, dreams, and attitudes. If you endure seeding the positive thoughts, you will become a more positive person and take control of your life to steer to your goals, success, and life of meaning and purpose.

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One great person told his colleagues a story of two imaginary dog living in his mind. He said one of the dog was fearful, angry and not friendly (negative attitude), the other was courageous, adapting and friendly (positive attitude). He said his two dogs keep fighting with each other all the time. Someone asked, ‘Which one of the two is the winner?’ The great person jested, ‘The one I feed and nurture.

So, you decide which one are you going to feed. If you know any other way to develop positive attitude and thoughts, mention it in the comment box below. We will include it in the article. This help others to change their life positively.

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