Triumph Through Self-Esteem

Increase your self esteem

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.Sam Walton

A high self-esteem is the key to good living, be it at home or in the work place. Companies can benefit a lot by removing hurdles to the promotion of self-esteem in their managers and employees.

This could be in the form of frustration, alienation or discontent. Even though raising one’s self-esteem is a purely personal task, managers can, by their actions, encourage the growth of self-esteem in others.

Here are the tips for manager who is willing to learn and practice man-management skills:

The aim is to instill confidence and responsibility in his staff and raise their level self-esteem by providing the right environment for it.

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Be pleasant: Show them you care about their problems and that you have respect for them. One way of doing it is to listen to their problems attentively, always keeping eye contact. Do not be sarcastic or dismissive. And do not lecture.

Training: Send them for training programs aimed at acquiring skills that will enable them to contribute more to their job. With achievement they become courageous and confident and ready to take on responsibility. Give them the chance to excel and they will accept responsibility for their lives.

Drive away timidity: There can be nothing more damaging to the work environment than a timid employee. Let such persons know their potential and congratulate them on their performance. Constructive feedback is the key to achieving both.

Measure Performance: If in spite of all this, the performance is lower than your expectations, find out the reasons for it. Talk to the employee to find out how he or she sees the situation before deciding on the action to be taken to correct the problem.

Be unchanging in your behavior: Do not say one thing and do just the opposite. This will only confuse employees; they will lose trust in you and never be open with you.

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Instill confidence: The work environment should be such that the employee feels confident to say “I made a mistake” or “I don’t know, but I will find out”. This is possible only if there is no fear of fault finding or being called foolish. Such confidence can give a boost to creativity and team work.

Thus far and no further: Let your employees know how far they can go – that is, the limits of acceptable behavior. But set the limits without being harsh or issuing treats. It is not only managers but just anyone who can set the limits of behavior.

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