The Top 5 Lessons She Discovered After Reading 500 Self-Help Books

There is no shortage of self-help reading material available these days if you’re looking for inspiration. Excellent internet content, reading lists, and book recommendations… Most of us have trouble finding the time to check out new, interesting things, let alone reading what we want to.

You might lengthen your reading sessions, read more quickly by developing your speed-reading skills, or read summaries strategically. If it appeals to you, you should read this piece by Susie Moore. Moore experienced hardship in her early years, suffered from an alcoholic father, and was not surrounded by many ambitious or inspiring people.

Moore claims in the essay that she has always known that her life is unique and that she was intended to accomplish more with it, but she has found it difficult to express this until she came across a book called The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D., which she claims altered her life. According to Moore, “It gave me support, ideas, and endless encouragement for years.”

The strength that reading has given me much transcends any other source of influence in my life, in my opinion. (Susie Moore)

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The 5 Core Ideas She Acquired

She has read 500 books since then and, happily, has condensed 17 years’ worth of reading into five straightforward courses.

1. Assume full accountability for your life.

You must assume full responsibility for your life in order to build the one you want, according to Moore. Forget about your parents, ex-partners, and the possibilities you were given—or the lack of them. The course you take in life is totally up to you. There are none.

I concur entirely. Even though there may be events in your life that are beyond your control, I would even venture to say that if you accept full responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, you will always be in a position of power rather than being a victim of circumstance.

2. You can be anything you want to be.

The extent to which you use your talents and skills is up to you, but they were created to be shared and used for the benefit of others, according to Moore. You owe it to yourself to be the person your heart knows you can be.

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According to my observations, the vast majority of people have the skills and potential to be who they want to be or do what they want to do. Some people want to launch a YouTube channel, some want to write a book, and some want to launch a business. However, they appear to be awaiting approval from the outside world. They lack self-confidence.

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra states that “every desire is born with the mechanisms for its fulfillment.”

You are the only one who has the authority to restrict your actions.

3. Everything depends on your thoughts.

Feeling rubbish? It’s a result of your current thoughts, which are generally ones of guilt or fear. Feel jubilant? It’s because of your current thoughts, which are generally ones of gratitude or world contentment, says Moore. She emphasizes that you may alter your thinking as good news.

She continues by bringing up the Law of Attraction and says:

Your thoughts have caused everything in your life to appear as it does right now. So keep your ideas under tight control (and get rid of the negative people right away).

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You should read the great works on the power of thought by authors like James Allen, Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, and Rhonda Byrne. Your reality is what you see.

4. Have self-love.

“You do not need to do, have, or be anything different to be worthy of love,” writes Moore. Simply by virtue of your existence, you are deserving.

Self-love, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of leading a happy, healthy, and successful life. You won’t ever reach your full potential without it. If you don’t have a healthy amount of love, admiration, and respect for yourself, you won’t even begin to touch the surface of what you are capable of.

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuck, “If you’re not your biggest fan, you’ve lost.”

5. A higher power is always at work, and it’s on your side.

Although not everyone will concur, Susie Moore has learned the following lesson from all the books she has read: “Do your best work and trust in a power that is bigger than you.”

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When the going gets tough and everything seems to be against you, having faith, hope, and optimism in this gives you the strength to carry on. I personally subscribe to this idea and tell myself constantly that everything works out for the best. If anything, it makes life less hectic!


People frequently fall victim to “mental masturbation” when reading self-help books.I am aware from personal experience that reading by itself won’t change anything until you put what you learn into practice.

However,My life has been significantly impacted by the novels I’ve read, just like Susie Moore.

There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish if you take full responsibility for your life, believe in yourself, are aware of your thoughts, practice self-love, and give your best effort while having faith in a higher power. Strong lessons.

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“Each life is unique. You are significant.Your aspirations count. Your decision to move forward with your goals is up to you, and when you do, you’ll be met halfway—I guarantee it.- Sue Moore

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